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April 2nd 2012
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Myles of the potty.Myles of the potty.Myles of the potty.

Myles has voluntarily gone on the potty quite a few times by himself. However, we are not sure whether he is ready. Isabelle is wearing her new Hello Kitty swim suit.
Well, vacation time is almost here. One more day of school and then we will be driving to Holland and then to Germany. I am looking forward to my time off. I can't believe that it is already April. Last week, I had my last hockey practice. I was a little sad because I love playing hockey, but it will be nice not to have to drive 30 minutes each way and it will be nice to get some more sleep. That hockey season went fast.

Last week, we were getting ready for the "Troc de printemps." This is a glorified garage sale that was put on by the parents' association in the town of Bernex, just outside of Geneva. We put some of our items in the sale. We were just wanting to get rid of the clothes that the kids had outgrown. Avery had to label all of the clothes and think of a price for each item. This took her probably 3 hours of work. We then had to take the items to the school the day before the sale. To place you items in the sale, you had to pay the parents' association 5 Francs. I
My bike ride home.My bike ride home.My bike ride home.

I appreciate the beauty of this place every time I ride home.
was standing in line for a long time. Afterwards, the sale was Saturday where we bought 3 pairs of shoes, one coat, 3 skirts, one pair of pants and water wings - all for 39 Francs. That was the good news. The bad news came when we went to pick up our items. We were hoping to get rid of a lot of the kids clothing. Also, when you pick up your clothes, the parents' association keeps 10% of you profits. So, we head in to pick up our items - not knowing how much we had sold. I get there and it seems like hardly anything has sold. I get to the table to claim our money and . . . we sold five items for a total of 15 Francs. However, take off 1.50 Francs and we were left with 13.50 Francs. Then, take off the 5 Francs to participate in the sale and we made 8.50 Francs. Avery and I had a good laugh about this. Basically, Avery worked for 3 Francs an hour. Can you say slave labour? After picking up our items, we needed some groceries. So that money that we made went towards 1
My bike ride home.My bike ride home.My bike ride home.

We live in a beautiful region.
litre of ice cream. At least we like ice cream!

Other than that, we are excited to go on our trip and see some new things. It will be good to do some visiting with friends. We are also looking forward to Europa Park, the Black Forest, Cuckoo clocks and Legoland. Should be great fun.


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Feeding the brown sheep.Feeding the brown sheep.
Feeding the brown sheep.

We went on a little hike by the Rhone river and saw some lambs/sheep on the way.
Same brown sheep.Same brown sheep.
Same brown sheep.

Isabelle and Myles loved feeding grass to the sheep.

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