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November 7th 2011
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Halloween Costumes.Halloween Costumes.Halloween Costumes.

Isabelle was Tigger and Myles was Shrek.
Well, I enjoyed my first week back after our vacation to Paris. I can't believe that it is already November and that I have been teaching for nine weeks. Time flies when you're having fun.

We celebrated Halloween with Myles and Isabelle last Monday night. We dressed them up and then had then go outside of the apartment. We then told them to knock on our door and say trick or treat. We opened our door and gave them a treat. They loved doing that. We did this because we didn't think that they celebrated Halloween in Avully/Chancy. However, I learned from my students that some of them were actually going out, dressed up, to collect some candy. I told them that the deal was that they had to share half of their candy with their teacher. I still haven't seen any candy. So I think that Halloween must be gaining in popularity here.

We had a good weekend. It was nice to be in the wide open spaces of Avully and not always surrounded by buildings and people like in Paris. Saturday we went to the Troc d'Automne. This was like the family garage sale that we had
More Costumes.More Costumes.More Costumes.

Isabelle like Myles hat so much that she slept with it Halloween night.
at Leo Nickerson. At this sale that was held in Bernex, at Ecole Robert Hainard, we bought the kids some winter stuff. We got a snowsuit for Isabelle, snow pants for Myles, games for Myles, boots for Myles and shoes for Isabelle - all for 61 CHF (Swiss Francs). That was nine items for that price. Who said that Switzerland was expensive! After returning home, we went for a nice walk to the small village of Epeisses.

Sunday, we went to church and then had a picnic at Parc des Bastions. Isabelle and Myles were having fun with a statue in the park. After lunch we went to a soccer/football game at the Stade de Genève. It was Genève la Servette against the Young Boys from Bern. Bern had a cheering section that came to the game that was armed with smoke, fluorescent lights and flags. In time, the Servette fans would not be outdone and they produced their own smoke and lights. Genève won the game 1-0 and there were 8 240 (I think) spectators at the game. In terms of the stadium, it was almost empty. But to hear the noise that these fans made, you would have thought that the stadium was sold out. The fans were singing/yelling for almost 2 hours straight. Also, at one point in the game, the fans were heckling the ref. It reminded me of hockey games, when the fans chant, "Ref you suck!" Anyways, it was good to go to the game and experience the atmosphere of professional soccer/football. It was quite the ordeal trying to keep tabs on Myles. He would not sit still. He had to be on the move all the time. I think that Avery and I got as much exercise as the players!

Here's the best part of the whole thing - because it was Sunday, we didn't have to pay for parking at the stadium. Who said that Geneva was expensive?!

Lastly, Isabelle has gotten to the stage where she is asking "why" to pretty much everything. It is cute, yet annoying, all at the same time. Myles has been talking a little bit more as well. He can clearly say "up." Also, he can say cookie, thank you, hot, woof, mama, da (for dad) and when you ask if he can say I love you, he makes a kissing sound.


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