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May 14th 2006
Published: May 14th 2006
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Pretty good seat!Pretty good seat!Pretty good seat!

The son of our host in Hallstatt, he has the best seat in the town!
Okay, so yes I know that that title is rather cheesy, but for those of you that know me that should come as no surprise. That is honestly the question I have been asking myself for the past few days.

It all started when Blair, Alyssa and I arrived in Hallstatt, Austria--a small town of 960 people on the Hallstatt Lake in the middle of the Dachstein Mountains in the Salzkammergut National Forest. We arrived at our hostel which has a lawn that sits right on the Hallstatt Lake looking straight out to snow peaked mountains and fairy tale forests. Hallstatt has earned the status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a result of the strong presence of Austrian Culture and the pristine natural environment it is in.

We spent our time hiking through forests to waterfalls, along steep staircases with ropes on the side of the wall to hold onto and exploring one of the largest systems of ice caves in the world.

I am completely in awe of the nature in this place and even further in awe of how well preserved it all is, and I really have told Alyssa and Blair about 5
Better than the movies!Better than the movies!Better than the movies!

The view from our balcony in Hallstatt
times just today how I feel like I am living in a story book right now. I have to be honest, Rome and Sora, Italy were wonderful but I was feeling a little worn down in those places. HOwever, being surrounded by the splendor of nature has completely rejuvenated me and I can honestly say I haven't felt so relaxed or inspired on this trip up until this point. I AM FALLING IN LOVE WITH AUSTRIA AND SWITZERLAND! Call me crazy but I think that the sky is bluer, the trees are greener, the mountains are taller and the sun is brighter here...I know, I know I am the biggest dork in the world.

The surrounding mountains, lakes, ice caves etc have completely fired up my imagination, everything about these places speak to your heart and soul and I wish I had the time or words to express this in less cliche terms.

We just arrived to Interlaken this evening after a full day of traveling with a new Swiss friend, Patrick who we met in Austria who was so incredibly passionate about the mountains we are surrounded by. We are headed off to Gimmelwald tomorrow. a small
Picture Perfect...Picture Perfect...Picture Perfect...

The town of Hallstatt
town of just 200 people in the ALPS and I can't wait.

Sorry for the lack of detail right now.


15th May 2006

you rock
austria and swizterland sound amazing, i am in awe of your blogs :) i miss you and love you sister, keep rockin hard core i love you so much
18th May 2006

greetings from Poway...............
Hi, you are probably wondering who I am, well I'm Shannon Clark's fiance. If Tiff didn't already tell you, Shannon and I will be in Europe on Tuesday May 23, 2006 for 2 weeks. We are going to France, Italy and Spain. Seems like you girls are having the time of your life, wish we could go to Switzerland and visit the alpine communities of Gimmelwald and check out the Schwarzmonch or the Jungfrau. If you have time, perhaps we can meet somewhere and you can give Shannon and myself some traveling tips. You can email Shannon at dgshannie@hotmail.com. cheers!

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