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Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Davos January 1st 2017

New year's day, so I decided to go on a winter hike. This year just like last year there is no snow in the mountains. So in the end after looking at many webcams Davos seemed like the best option. It is not one of my favourite places, too famous for its own good. But at least there are webcams to show state of snow and being a popular destination during holidays, more trails are built up here. The train to Davos Platz costs about 30 CHF (with half-tax) and it is a 2 hr 35min trip with a longish 15min stop at Landquart. In the Ziegelbrucke valley there was snow on the ground and none on the tree tops and mountains, it was an interesting phenomenon, probably caused by the fact that this valley does ... read more
Almost there
Towards Davos

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Davos August 31st 2016

So what have we learnt from SwissAlpine 2016? 1. That you get no respect whatsoever for running a 30 km trail race through the Alps when there’s a 78 km race happening at the same time. 2. Nearly everyone else here were blokes older than me or female because apparently they are the only people with sufficient pain threshold to do it. 3. Everything in Switzerland is either really expensive or free. 4. Cowbells, when rung vigorously by the entire populace of a small alpine village as you race through it at 8am, really do make you run faster. 5. Despite questioning my life choices quite a lot while running the 30k, I think I’ll go for the 42 km next year. I was wondering what to write about in this blog and almost did a ... read more
Landwasser Viaduct
Davos from the Youth Hostel

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Davos November 24th 2012

So Simone and Michael live in the most beautiful place - Davos Switzerland. The view from their place above the lake in Davos Dorf is stunning - I was so excited I decided to come visit the second we arrived. With the NHL lock out on back home, I got my Saturday night – Hockey Night in Canada fix in Davos. Once I found out Rick Nash and Joe Thornton were playing in Davos, I told Simone we had-had-had to get back in time from Geneva and France to watch a hockey game. Prior to departure I had put my Martha Stewart skills to work and busted out some iron-on designs to make my own HC Davos shirts for both Rick and Joe. We wandered down to the arena and I was like a kid in ... read more
Hello Joe
A young Davos Fan
HC Davos

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Davos March 2nd 2011

Alright. So it's been a couple of days.... with a ton of things to mention. If you read all of this I'll be impressed. But, if you feel the need, stay a while, and listen. So I guess I should start with what we did on Monday. It was a chill morning, as in, I slept for pretty much all of it. It was a necessary rest after the amount of walking and lack of sleep we had over the weekend in Paris. Anyways, we sat down, had a little breakfast, figured out what to do with our day, as time was short. We ended up going to a small town called Lucerne. It was super nice, took some pictures that some people might get to see. We also met up with one of Sabrina's friends, ... read more
In Lucerne again
On the Hill
Stokes and I

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Davos June 4th 2009

Probaly repeating myself but here goes... We arrived in the outskirts of the small skiing town of Davos which looked deserted. I climbed 5 flights of stairs to small flights advise Richard & Lisa that our hotel was in fact at the top. They decided to walk around the block but that was taking too long so they took the next lot of stairs that only had 3 flights. We arrived at reception to be told there were no lifts and we were on the lop level - 3 more flights of stairs ha ha. The room was comfortable and so we dropped our bags and as it was now 7.30pm and the hotel meal prices not less than Euro 25, we decided to scour for tea. Well nothing was open as most business were closed ... read more
One of the 7 dwarfs
Typical view
This is the view where we stopped to have Hot Chocolate - Cheers Cassi

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Davos February 18th 2008

Nachdem ich diese 4 Wochen an der Sonne Ecuadors verbrachte, gings wieder einmal zurück in die Schweiz, natürlich direkt in den Winter. Naja, so richtig kalt wurde es ja nicht unbedingt und im Februar war es fast jeden Tag sonnig. Das lockte auch mich wieder mal aufs Brett und ich genoss mit meinem Bruder ein paar Tage in Davos und besuchte auch noch Isabel, eine Freundin in Thun. Ich muss zugeben, so ein bisschen Schnee ist doch ganz schön und wenn die Sonne von Herzen scheint und wir auf dem Berggipfel einen Kaffie Fertig geniessen, vergisst man alle Sorgen. Leider war nicht der ganze Winter so traumhaft, aber das ist ja normal bei uns, und so ging es schon bald wieder zurück ins kalte, nasse Zürich direkt in die Schulbank. Aber ein kleiner Trost bleibt, nur ... read more
Beim Kaffie Fertig
Spaziergang am Greifensee

Europe » Switzerland » South-East » Davos August 25th 2007

I joined Lara on a walking holiday in the Graubunden region of Switzerland. We had a lovely first day wandering in the mountains in the sunshine, admiring the views of the mountains and I had my photo taken above Davos. Unfortunately the weather was wet for most of the rest of the week so Lara kept me nice and dry in her backpack, but I didn't get to see very much, although I did ride in some cable cars, a gondola and a funicular railway which was good fun! We also went shopping in Zurich on the way home!... read more

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