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July 25th 2006
Published: August 5th 2006
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Welcome to Berner OberlandWelcome to Berner OberlandWelcome to Berner Oberland

Great welcome committee!
Murren, Switzerland

Kate Gamble Dickman is my go-to travel girl. A friend from high school, she’s traveled extensively throughout Europe and has been spot on when I need some advice on where the heck to go when “I want a place where I can cook”, or “somewhere near the water”, or “I want a place with outdoor exercise, not hot and crowded and I can read a book”. She had mentioned the Swiss Alps in one of her emails, so with her description, and the fact that I’ve always wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog, here I am in the Berner Oberland. In this small town (about 500 people) called Murren you can hike, hang out and drink a beer outside while enjoying the scenery and reading your book. This ranks in my top three places on my trip with Santorini and Riomagiorre. It’s magnificent! One of the chefs at the hotel I’m staying at broke his leg hiking and I seriously considered asking if I could stay and take his place helping out, but, I’ve already planned the rest of my trip. I’ll just have to come back and check it out during the ski season!

The traveling and
Welcome to MurrenWelcome to MurrenWelcome to Murren

The first beer I've had in months. (I've been in wine country!)
the altitude must be getting to me. I arrived in Murren, had lunch and then took a nap . . . for 14 hours! I woke up the next morning having no clue where I was. But boy was I refreshed! I haven’t slept that long since I moved to Sun Valley, ID many, many years ago.

Now, caught up on sleep and raring to go, I spent four days hiking the beautiful mountains with jaw dropping scenery everywhere. Each day I channeled Maria Von Trap as I hiked the hills of Switzerland (sort of like Austria, no?) singing “The Sound of Music” and “The Lonely Goatherd”. (And yes, I do know all the words by heart and yes, I have seen the movie one too many times.) Each day on my hike I would run into cows, Bernese mountain dogs, and local farmers. It was SO peaceful to be in the mountains and the only thing you hear are cow bells or the thunder rolling in signaling a weather change. The weather changes on the hour here and the locals DO know what the weather will be at any given moment.

On my first day I met
More Berner ShotsMore Berner ShotsMore Berner Shots

On the farm after a day with his owner milking cows.
a couple from San Francisco that actually used to work with my friend Shawna. Then the next day met a couple on their honeymoon, Alex and Catherine, who live in San Diego and used to live in San Francisco. It is still a small world after all even in the small towns in the Swiss Alps.

Up next, Prague!

Additional photos below
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Going up to My HotelGoing up to My Hotel
Going up to My Hotel

That's where I started from. It takes two cable cars to get to Murren.
Murren from AboveMurren from Above
Murren from Above

This was the town I stayed in.
Day 1 HikeDay 1 Hike
Day 1 Hike

The stream behind Murren.

Lots of cows here with funny lookin earrings.

This is SO Sound of Music.
My New DogMy New Dog
My New Dog

Well, not this one exactly, but eventually maybe in puppy form.
Posing CowsPosing Cows
Posing Cows

They are so pretty and you can always hear them with their cow bells.
Cow YogaCow Yoga
Cow Yoga

Trying to knock off his cow bell. He's flexible for a cow!

Crazy eggs! But they were really good.
The NewlywedsThe Newlyweds
The Newlyweds

Catherine and Alex from San Deigo, previously from San Francisco. See you when I'm back in San Diego!
Crazy Unicycle MountainbikersCrazy Unicycle Mountainbikers
Crazy Unicycle Mountainbikers

Yes, they are going down hill, and down stairs, on a unicycle!
Trummelbach FallsTrummelbach Falls
Trummelbach Falls

Inside of the waterfalls that come down (very powerfully) from the glaciers.

It doesn't get much better than this!

5th August 2006

Hey Christy, Glad to hear you are having such a great time! My dad is actually in Prague right now with a big group on a biking trip. Maybe some cute biker guys? I don't know; he didn't know the group he was going with... he only knew that he was the oldest one:-) But if you want to meet with a random group of bike people for a beer, I can give you contact info. Jen V.
5th August 2006

5th August 2006

Christy, Thanks for keeping me updated, it feels as if I am traveling with you!! Thanks for making the summer so enjoyable, can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back!!!
5th August 2006

Excellent Choice
I am so glad you got wind of Gimmelwald, I went there on Rick Steve's recemmendation and it was one of my top 3 along with Cinque Terre and guess what/ Prague. You are in for more good times.
5th August 2006

Absolutely gorgeous! I am sooo the mountain girl. thank you for sharing these. My roomate here in NYC just moved there to teach at a private boarding school. How lucky is she? Great shots Christy. Thank you:)
6th August 2006

Really Amazing
Wow, how beautiful is this. Just when I think you have sent us the most beautiful photos, you go somewhere new and see something more amazing. I am sure it makes your head spin!
7th August 2006

Than ks!!
Can't tell you how much we are enjoying your amaizing photos and comments. Thank you for sharing. Switzerland looks wonderful, it was my Mother's (Dick's) favorite place in the world, and is bringing back a LOT of memories (all good) to Mary when she was there.
7th August 2006

Nice Shots!
you've got me really wanting to revisit Switzerland! Those are great shots.
7th August 2006

SMALL world
1. I KNOW that Catherine (not well, but saw the photo and knew) but she was a sorority sister of mine at Penn (one year younger), and I gave her an informational interview when she first moved to SF and she wanted to learn about breaking into the ad agency world! 2. During my euro-trip, after Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, a little Germany, and then French village life, my excursion to Switzerland (while too short) was the greatest thing... It took me by surprise and took my breath away, and may be the greatest place on earth -- totally agreed!! I will return, and will stay longer... Hiking sounds divine.
8th August 2006

Hi Christy! If you have a chance, go down to Lugano. It is the Italian part of Switzerland and is gorgeous! I spent a semester there and recommend it highly! Have fun!
17th August 2006

blessed place
hello finally ! I am back from my travels and trying to catch up just wanted to drop you a line ... see you are enjoying one of my adopted countries... seeing your photos makes me long for my little switzerland...Lots of LOVE, Renee PS YOU LOOK SO HAPPY!!!!

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