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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 4th 2006

This morning Jess and I woke up, looked at a map and decided to head to Bern, Switzerland. A little spontaneous yes, but super exciting! The hostel we stayed at was amazing!! Beautiful location, brand new building, nice problem was a lack of a door on the shower room, which meant preteen boys got to see me awkwardly try to dress myself under my towel, but besides that... Bern has been my favorite place ever!! Bicyclist heaven, this place is a delight to walk and ride in, except for the ridiculously steep hills. The absolute best part of the city is the River Aare. A fast current but fun to float down...I didn't have a swimsuit but my bra and underwear worked just fine. Jess and I spent a night hanging out on the street ... read more
Jess and I in Bern
Naked Man

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 4th 2006

It’s hot, really hot. Sweat dries quickly to a salty residue on my skin. Golden straw floats off the end of my pitchfork, carried by a warm wafty breeze across the fields of barley and maize. The heat and the straw have my skin feeling itchy. What I would give to go for a swim now… But it is time to work, and the nearby river will still be cool and refreshing in a few hours time... From a consumer point of view, my recent experiences on a swiss farm are very positive regarding the quality of produce... Hans-Reudi, like many farmers in Switzerland, works almost alone on his small plot of land near in Seftigen. With 20 cows this is in fact a reasonably big farm by local standards. He knows each of the cows ... read more
Harvest the barley
hay supply

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne May 31st 2006

Well I got in last night by myself around 9 after a nice train ride with Kass and our new friend from California Steph. They got off at Speiz to go to thier hostel, and I went on to Bern alone. After some language difficulties, I found my hostel through the blinding rain and 40 degree temperature. The Bern Backapckers Hostel is where I stayed, and it was very nice. Perhaps the nicest hostel I have had so far. That goes for all of Switzerland, it is awesome. It is so clean and modern, basically a clean US. I met 4 cool people in my room, 2 from Arizona, and twin sisters from Canada. I did reserve the last bed in the room for Heather, who was supposed to meet me in Bern... but by 11, ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne February 10th 2006

I ski to work. I ski for work. I ski in my breaks and after work, before skiing home... my life as a ski instructor is somewhat one-dimensional. Surrounded by some of the giant peaks of the European Alps, the slopes around Grindelwald village provide great skiing with almost unmatched scenery. From the Eiger northface, one has an almost uninterrupted 360 panorama of mountains, broken only by the opportunity to look down on the sea of fog that the majority of the population lives in during the winter while the sun shines above. Two things strike me in this place. One is the size of the ski area. There is just so much terrain to ski; hundreds of kilometers of piste! Beyond skiing, life in the valley is relatively laid back. There is not a lot ... read more
One fine day...

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne November 15th 2005

Some sort of, November 15, 2005 was the beginning of this journey. It was the day I received the U.S. Immigrant Visa. Of course it started earlier, though. It may sound silly but it began as a child when we played "Cowboy and Indians". I always liked to act as Apache leader Cochise from the 1950's movie "Broken Arrow" starring James Stewart as Indian scout Tom Jeffords. Despite the fact that some movies (like Karl May movies with Pierre Brice or Lex Barker) were filmed in Europe I always thought of the colorful sceneries of the Wild West. I always dreamed of how beautiful it must be and was longing for going there. When I got older this dreams diminished but never faded away. Then there was music and TV. At home I remember most that ... read more
My Visa!

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne November 14th 2005

Hello Reader. After checking into my hostel in Interlaken, I headed up to see my bed. I was one of ten guys staying in the room. One of them was in the room, Caj, (pronounced Ki). He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and tight clothes. He was, of course, Sweedish. We talked for a bit then went to the kitchen for dinner. We took full advantage of 'happy hour' at the bar where drinks were two for one. We had a couple beers while watching the New Zealand vs. Ireland rugby game. Those rugby guys don't mess around. No pads, no helmets, just a bunch of barbarians tackling each other trying to get an egg from one side of the field to the other without breaking it... i don't know the rules, really... can you tell? ... read more
Bear in Bern
Bern From a Bridge
My wonderful dinner

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne October 25th 2005

Today we took the train to Interlaken, the jumping off point for excursions to the Jungfrau. We made a quick 1 hour stop in Bern and had just enough time to check out the main street and see the famous bears of Barengraben. We found Bern to be quite bustling, with lots of shoppers and businessfolk alike. Bryan told us the main street, Marktgasse, was all torn up for construction back in September however we found it to be pristine! What's the deal with the bears? Well, in 1191 Bern was founded by Berthold V who named the new settlement after the first animal that he killed in the next hunt (a bear). The coat of arms of the town also features a bear. Brown bears have been kept in pits in town since the early ... read more
Grizzly Bern

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne October 9th 2005

Reddening leaves on the vines frame the view across the lake with Europes finest mountains as a backdrop. My hands are sticky with sweet grape juice and the lingering flavour of cheese in my mouth reminds me of thoughts I had in China not long ago: Waking up to another breakfast of fish-heads, chicken feet and pig ears, I longed so dearly for the cheese, chocolate and good bread I had experienced in Switzerland years before. I also longed for some clean, cool water to swim in. Now I have it all! It sounds ideal... good food, friendly people, a beautiful location, and to be honest it is pretty close to it, just the aching back to keep things on a plain. Having spent the last half year struggling to understand the local languages, it is ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 29th 2005

arrived in bern this morning. this place is so wierd. maybe it's just me, i don't know. i was walking down the main st at about 10am and there was no one around. this is a major road in the capital city of an entire country and i was the only one around. then i saw two little girls walking with goats on a lead. i know. crazy hey. i have no idea what they were doing but there they were. the rest of my time in lauterbrunnen was good. went on lots of hikes and now my legs and feet are killing me. did a little expedition to a place called grindelwald. very cute. went on the longest cable car in europe. i saw cows with bells around their neck. i was so excited. i ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne June 25th 2005

Well from Berlin we caught an overnight train to Stockholm in Sweden. We weren't really sure when we were to get off the train to catch the ferry across the stretch of water that seperateds the 2 but we guessed it would work out. Hopped on the train at 11:30pm and straight into a sleeper cab and to bed. Woke up at about 4:30am with the train still rocking and rolling gently along, only to find out when looking out the window that the train wasn't moving!!!. During the night, the train had reached the port of somewhere, driven straight onto the ferry and it was as simple as that - all just too crazy to imagine. We eventually arrived in Stockholm to find accomadation a bit light on due to some convention or something, but ... read more
Nina, Andes and of course us.
Hans Christian Anderson show.
Eiffel Tower

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