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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne November 25th 2006

I have decided to give the group e-mails a miss from now on, and try the travel blog instead! Thought I'd back date a bit for those of you I haven't been in touch with lately! So for my w/e off in November I took off with my friend Claire to Switzerland, I just had this overwhelming need to get out of London for a while, and after a lot of choppin and changing of ideas Claire and I decided on Switzerland, we also had a contact over there to help us out, so all was good. We were up early on saturday morning to catch our stupid o'clock in the morning flight, and it only took 2 hours of flying time to reach our destination of Geneva, then another 1/2 hour on all the travelators ... read more
Bear in the Bear Pit
View of Bern and the Aare River
Claire and Mel

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne November 8th 2006

So we have now arrived in Switzerland, it is Absolutely beautiful!! We are staying in Bern which is the capital of switzerland but is the second biggest city in the country i think. It is really convienient because we want to see all most of the country like; Zurich, Interloken,and Geneva, but they are all very very expensive, And bern is in the central city and the cheapest. Switzerland is not on the Euro which would be nice for us if they didnt make up for the exchange rate with higer prices. But today we walked all around the city of bern and saw pretty much everything the city had to offer, And it was very very beautiful, we have a really nice view of the alps and the city is really hilly so you can ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne October 29th 2006

We stopped in Bern for lunch on the way back to Zurich. Lucerne is a bit nicer, and also in the running for the stopover town, but the train schedule didn't work as well today. We had the chance to try "alpenmacaroni" - noodles with cheese sauce mixed with ham cubes and a bowl of applesauce on the side. It was raining, so we didn't take the time to pay our respects to the bears this year, despite J's desire to do so: .... read more
Downtown Bern

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne October 22nd 2006

Well Juliana and I had to part ways at last - she headed back to Rome and I went up to Switzerland. They checked my passport at least 3 times on the train which had hadnt happened to me thus far -- dont mess with the Swiss! Switzerland was so beautiful and I was thankful that in Bern they spoke mostly German-- it sounds bizarre but it was comforting to hear again. I only stayed for 2 days in the capital, and it is actually one of the smaller cities. I didnt take a ton of pictures because I was pretty run down at this point and ended up just wandering around the city a bit and relaxing :) My hostel room also had TV which was really funny because I watched some Southpark and MTV ... read more
My room at the Marthahous hostel hehe!
The view walking along the bridge in to the main part of town...
More of the view along the bridge...

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne August 4th 2006

We had a full day to fill before our night train to Paris and we weren't going to hike in the wet, cold of Gimmelwald in the morning. We decided to go to the capital city of Bern. It ended up being a beautiful day there and the city of Bern was lovely. It has cute shops and cafes spilling onto its cobblestone streets. The only thing I was interested in was these pits that we had heard about from another traveller. Apparently there were 2 pits containing bears. We headed off to the other end of the city to go bear searching, and they were adorable! The one bear had made itself a pillow out of a hollow log and was just relaxing with its legs up on the wall. They also sit on their ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne August 2nd 2006

Ich kann unser Abenteuer kaum erwarten; Kenya, Tansania, Malawi, Zambia, (Botswana ganz kurz), Namibia,...übernachten im Zelt, Backpackers aus aller Welt kennenlernern, 8 Wochen ohne Handy sein, Sonnenuntergänge über den Steppen oder am Strand auf Sansibar bewundern, afrikanische Eintöpfe ausprobieren...und am meisten freue ich mich drauf, jeden morgen aufzuwachen, ohne zu wissen, was alles auf mich zukommen wird und in einem einzigen Tag mehr zu erleben als in einem Monat zu Hause! Annina ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 10th 2006

Overnight stop in Bern. We've been on the rails ALL day on our way to the Alps, so Bern is just an overnight stop. I had heard about the Swiss being punctual, early to bed and early to rise and all that but this is a big city and it completely shuts down at night. NOthing is open except a couple of hamburgers places...not even a convience store to buy a cold drink. On the bright side everything is extremely neat, clean, and tidy and the stores open at 6 am!! We're staying in one of nice hotels with a good shower and towels; every few days we have to break up the hotels budget way. Tomorrow morning early we leave for Murren high in the Alps, we'll be taking a swiss train, a funicular, a ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 4th 2006

This morning Jess and I woke up, looked at a map and decided to head to Bern, Switzerland. A little spontaneous yes, but super exciting! The hostel we stayed at was amazing!! Beautiful location, brand new building, nice problem was a lack of a door on the shower room, which meant preteen boys got to see me awkwardly try to dress myself under my towel, but besides that... Bern has been my favorite place ever!! Bicyclist heaven, this place is a delight to walk and ride in, except for the ridiculously steep hills. The absolute best part of the city is the River Aare. A fast current but fun to float down...I didn't have a swimsuit but my bra and underwear worked just fine. Jess and I spent a night hanging out on the street ... read more
Jess and I in Bern
Naked Man

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 4th 2006

It’s hot, really hot. Sweat dries quickly to a salty residue on my skin. Golden straw floats off the end of my pitchfork, carried by a warm wafty breeze across the fields of barley and maize. The heat and the straw have my skin feeling itchy. What I would give to go for a swim now… But it is time to work, and the nearby river will still be cool and refreshing in a few hours time... From a consumer point of view, my recent experiences on a swiss farm are very positive regarding the quality of produce... Hans-Reudi, like many farmers in Switzerland, works almost alone on his small plot of land near in Seftigen. With 20 cows this is in fact a reasonably big farm by local standards. He knows each of the cows ... read more
Harvest the barley
hay supply

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