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February 6th 2016
Published: February 6th 2016
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Tomorrow I fly to London and I'm ready to go... anyways I'll get to that in a moment. Firstly since my last post I've travelled about 30 miles on foot through parks, gardens, downtown and 14 miles along the Aare river. This place has some very impressive natural landscapes and an incredible backdrop of the Alps. The food here is also quite good. The last two days were good adventuring and today I went down to the train station to get my ticket for tomorrow and make sure I planned out my trip (I have to take a train to Zurich to catch a plane to London at 11am and I wanted to make sure there were no issue).

Well I found that the quiet little town had transformed into a madhouse, there were protest and demonstrations happening all over the city. One of the trams broke down on the main street which resulted in every train and bus in the city getting effectively stuck in the city creating a complete gridlock. To add to this I think there were about 10-20 times more people and all of the problems of a big city showed up as well: beggars, street
Downtown BernDowntown BernDowntown Bern

Taken from the road I walked out of the city
peddlers, rude pedestrians and street performers. Well I'm already not a fan of large crowds of people and with public transit down I decided to walk back to my hotel 3-4 miles away. Of course, as I pass the second to last bus stop one of the busses had made it out and by the time I got to the last stop I had been passed by basically all of the line 12 busses in the city. I have to admit, they know how to unfuck a fucked situation. I might also add that through the whole experience this was the only time the busses were not perfectly on schedule.

Well I got back to the hotel and my new friend the SwissFrench named Phillip was idling around in the lobby skittish and sketchy as ever and super eager to show me everything he bought at the open market. Oh yea, I meet Phillip yesterday when he was having issues typing in the wifi password, I typed it in once and it worked and I still have no idea why he was having issues but oh well. So from that moment on I was his new best bud and

taken from Gurten park
he is super eager to talk to me about everything... only problem is he speaks French and less Spanish than I do, and he seems to think that I will understand him so long as he flails his arms around and reapets each sentence as fast as he can. Well I can't, I only know what he is saying when he uses the right spanish words, of which I am convinced he knows very little.

Well this is longer than expected so I'm going to throw up some pictures and go to sleep, I have an early morning tomorrow.

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Taken from Gurten park
More CityMore City
More City

Taken from Gurten park
Protest or rallyProtest or rally
Protest or rally

I don't know what this was about actuallly, and it was one of many

Finally something I can understand

Yes, it was very tasty
Aare RiverAare River
Aare River

yes it aare a river

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