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April 4th 2009
Published: April 5th 2009
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A great day walking in the country side and forest in Jura in Grenchen

Daniela and I went to a special amazingly interesting course in order to get herbs for salads or for tea and even could be used as vegetables.

We had to leave at 8:15 on a Saturday...bouhhh quite hard, but it was so much worth it.

We arrived a bit earlier and had the time to get a Latte Macchiato !
We began at 10 am our discovery and here are the great herbs I sampled and dried to use for tea or in salads. The finesse of the finesse is my new home pesto sauce I prepared.

I do not know the names in English since the whole explanation was in German

Löwenzahn (pissenlit) => good for the liever and in salds or dried

Sauerampfel is my favorite it has the taste of lemon, but that's not lemon and is a bit acid. It is good to use in salds, dressing and even as a vegetable itself

Spitzwegerich => not my favorite and is good agains coughing in tea with honey or as a salad herb

The adorable marguerite and in German Ganse Blümchen is great in salads or in tea and cleans the blood and has lots of Vitamin C

Brombeer, Herdbeer, Himber Bläter is very good in tea and has an impact on coughing and all organs

Wiesenschaumkraut==> full of Vitamin C and belongs to the 9 major herbs and could be used in salad and has a very spicy taste: quite amazing to discover such a taste in this little flowerr

Wilder lauch ( wild leek) to use in dressing, salds and has avery nice taste

Lungenkraut, a beautiful flower which tends to disappear which and belongs to the pioneer herbs and has an impact on the lungs

Brenn Nessel ( with 3 n and in French ortie) => very good when we lack iron and has Vitamin C, K, against artritis and can be used in salads or in tee or even like spinach

Bärlauch => amazing taste and smell which can be prepared like pesto and is the first leave after snow with lots of Vitamin C

Huflatich is a nice yellow flower which is good against coughing and for the lungs and bronchites and belongs to the pioneer herbs.
Never take it longer than 3 weeks and 3 cups a day at most

It is amazing to see how many herbs our mother earth offers us and here at our feet. Why buy all these products with herbs of flowers from other countries, when we have just everything for our health in the country we live in.
Now I look at the gardens, forests, country side just differently and I love it.

Then, Jura is really nice offering nice hills and mountains and wide forests with the wind and first sun rays of spring, it was a lovely day!!! LOL

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14th April 2009

Hello, I came across your blogs and read through them, great trip! Great pics! You seem like a fun person!
14th April 2009

An interesting blog - I must investigate more of the small plants growing in my area and see what they could be used for. Good food for thought - thanks!

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