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August 13th 2012
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We have finally made it to Basel, Switzerland. We have been here for one full day now.

After our flights being rebooked three times, we are here. Our luggage is not, but we are making due.

Last night, I met my cousin Daniela and her boyfriend Dirk for dinner. It was so nice. They are both so friendly and funny. I can definitely tell we are family. We would like to make future plans for me to visit Hamburg or them to come to United States.

We were so exhausted last night. I actually felt better yesterday than today. I'm doing much better health wise then I thought. I'm walking a lot and I'm not in too much pain. I did pack my prednisone in my pill bag and I've been taking that. It's helping a lot. Today, I was very tired and I needed a nap.

We spent the morning/afternoon with Daniela and Dirk. We mostly sat at a cafe on the Rhine River and talked, watched the swimmers, and ate lunch. (Bratwurst for me--yum!)

Tonight, we are going to eat dinner with Michael's parents. In Munsterplatz, where Michael's parents live, there is an open-air cinema. Tonight they are playing the Dictator in English with German/French subtitles. We can go for free because we are guests/live there.

I am having difficulties with the wireless internet in Michael's parents' flat so I am posting from Michael's laptop in a McDonalds. Once I am able to use my laptop, I will post some pictures here.

I have internet on my phone but I am trying to use it sparingly.

Auf widerstein,



13th August 2012

Glad to hear you guy got there. Just texted you about ur luggage. They said it just got there.at 4:53 ur time. Babies are doing good. They run up and down the hall like crazy. Of course everythng has to be Sohp s way. he puts things where he wants them. They are both sleeping now. Both are getting spoiled. Glad to hear your having a good time. ttyl love grandma

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