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April 2nd 2010
Published: April 2nd 2010
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We headed into Switzerland from Frankfurt after a couple of hours train trip. Basel is a wonderful city with a great old city with tiny little alley ways and a couple of big churches dominating the skyline.

We soon found out that Switzerland is extremely expensive so it was finding the nearest supermarkets for us, getting our brekki, lunch and dinners organised to cook at our hosts place.

Now our host, Angela, lives with a two other students and it was a wonderful place to be stay! The student flat has so much character, for example the shower and bath in the kitchen so when someone is having a shower it is possible to wash the dishes at the same time also.

The three living there were wonderful and we had such a wonderful time staying with them, more fun than actually going around the city maybe.. Drinking, games, black stories were discussed during our three nights going to the early hours of each morning and we could have quite easily have stayed for much longer! Actually the city is wonderful, the old city is going along the River Rhine with the main church overlooking. It is not really a large old city and in two days we knew our way around the place very easily and no maps was required but still, for the size it still has a lot to offer.

We were also lucky enough to have a couple of friends from Germany visit us for a night that we meet while travelling around Australia. It was a massive drive for Michael and Stephanie since they are living around 5-6 hours away by car so it was a very early start for them but very grateful that they made the trip.

So it was the five of us heading around the city also which at one point we found wild garlic right in the city! It was great and we got a big bad full to take back to our host who knows exactly what spices etc to put with it and turned out to be wonderful.. But finding wild garlic in the city centre growing was a little surprising but hey we took full advantage.

As for the weather during our stay.. it is the end of winter so it was from sunshine one minute then raining the next. We timed it pretty well and didn’t get to wet when we were heading into the city so it was no matter for us.

We think Basel is best visited in Summer when the weather is more predictable but very glad we stayed for three days and had a blast with our hosts and the crazy flat.

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4th April 2010

lovely basel
It was so nice to have another walk in Basel yesterday evening on the way back to Frankfurt.. i miss that place and all of you that made that city special.

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