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December 2nd 2005
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Basel, Switzerland

Chilling at the border of Switzerland, Germany, and France. You can go to a place where you stand at the exact point, but you don't get stamps for your passport. Bummer.

So that's where I get the chill from!

It's cold as a penguin's ass here in Switzerland, but I don't mind it. Basel seems to deal with their coldness as if they've seen it before. The decide to have 8 km footraces at night at near 0 degree (C) weather (or so my parents tell me). They set up their roasted chestnut stands during the day, and even though my nose is normally numb I still seem to be able to smell that goodness.

Fresh from the beaches in Israel to the overcast crispness of Switzerland, I got a numb feeling throughout my body because I switched temperatures too quickly. I now wear 3 to 4 layers of clothes up and down my body, but it would make you laugh to see me puffed up like a snowman.

I've moved in with my parents, H-Bomb and E-Dog, into their already cramped, modern-artsy apartment, which is so typical of the Swiss. The more time that I spend here the more I see the where I get a lot of my personal traits from. The Swiss (as well as myself) love functionality, but still maintain aesthetics within that functionality. So the trams that roam through the town are so beautiful, and even moreso efficient. The trams are also electrically-run so there is no chemical byproduct stinking up the town and messing with the local environment.

I've spent time seeing my mom's parents, and uncles and aunts, which always includes great food, home cooked food, which has been understateably lacking from my travels so far.

Yesterday, we took our first sightseeing journey to a trippy intellectual community called Goetheanum, a community whose founder must have been on drugs, because he designed and built the central building of the institution (and school and musical stage) with no right angles. He used more a flowing, natural, and "spiritual" approach to creating the building which had staircases with a slow change of colors as you ascended higher and higher. Starting with a nice beach-sunset colored red and orange, slowly up to the polar iced dark blues (see the pictures).

Last night I went out to the tallest building in town, 31 floors (but it seemed even higher), to the top floor's Bar Rouge. A good friend of my momma has a daughter with awesome english to my horrible Deutsch and offered to take me out for some parties. The view was nuts (sorry, no pictures) and even the pisser had a panoramic view of the whole town.

Hope to go skiing, please everyone email and tell him to take me skiing, thank you.

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A Work of ArtA Work of Art
A Work of Art

Dats my momma!
Cold Cities, Warm AtmosphereCold Cities, Warm Atmosphere
Cold Cities, Warm Atmosphere

Chillin next to the cold, fresh water fountain in Marktplatz, the daily outdoor market.
The Reine in BaselThe Reine in Basel
The Reine in Basel

Deserves Tov Mazel.
Goetheanum's Main BuildingGoetheanum's Main Building
Goetheanum's Main Building

Notice the lack of squares, rectangles, or any hard curves. It really allows for smooth flowing of energy. I bet this place's Feng Shui is nirvanaesque.
Staircase at GoetheanumStaircase at Goetheanum
Staircase at Goetheanum

Soothing and beautiful
I believe its a chimney for a  smokehouse.I believe its a chimney for a  smokehouse.
I believe its a chimney for a smokehouse.

More interesting designs from Goetheanum.
Don't Look DownDon't Look Down
Don't Look Down

This is looking up in the main staircase of Goetheanum
Me and My Mom Milking the Morning Sun.Me and My Mom Milking the Morning Sun.
Me and My Mom Milking the Morning Sun.

Ain't Alliteration Awesome.
Take me to the RiverTake me to the River
Take me to the River

Calm Swiss Waters

5th December 2005

Beautiful Blog, Mr. Chods
Great photos and excellent verbal descriptions of your interesting travels. My wife and I have been enjoying following your trip on travelblog since you began your journey a few months ago. You are a fine young man. Also, your friend Tyler sent me a message to take you skiing.
6th December 2005

what great pictures gadiel!!!! love erin
6th December 2005

this time of year...
that first photo of the xmas tree is amazing... reflection and all! are you planning on never returning to davis?! i wouldn't blame you because your trip looks fabulous as usual! miss and love, jhanesh
9th December 2005

so gadi
man gadi... you make me really miss EUROPE!! wow, i love your blogs. i can actually hear your voice when i read them! makes me miss you too!

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