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December 20th 2012
Published: December 23rd 2012
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VW PoloVW PoloVW Polo

Here is our little car
We arrived at the Zürich airport around 11.00 am local time. We made our way through customs without incident and found our rental car, a VW Polo (which, incidentally, means "chicken" in German). After successfully loading all our luggage into the European sized vehicle, we plugged in our GPS and headed off in search of the rental office to pick up our keys. However, to our dismay, it seemed the GPS was not working - it was just frozen - and we had not thought to print out actual directions to this place. As Jon tried to figure out road signs and traffic lights and lanes and what the heck you can and cannot do on Swiss roadways, Donna was on the lookout for internet cafes, while trying anything to make the GPS kick in. By some miracle it did, and so we found our way to the office. Seeing as we didn't have any cash yet to pay for parking, Jon waited in the car while Donna went for the keys. OK check, we have keys, now we need to get to our apartment!

With the GPS now working, we started the drive towards the apartment, with a number

Finding out how the Swiss organize their grocery stores
of "recalculating" done by the GPS! 😊 But we finally made it, and then Jon saw the parking stall we had rented, which was somewhat blocked by a tree and a metal fence. "How is that a parking spot????" After much debate, the car was parked, and we squeezed the luggage back out to be brought inside. No damage to the vehicles next to us!

Climbed the stairs to our pad and had a look around. Yes, bedroom/living area, kitchen, and bathroom. Very small, very European. It'll do just fine! We unpacked our stuff, yes we live here now!

Then we decided to go out and find some groceries before we were too tired to go out again. We found a little grocery store called Co-op and loaded up on some breakfast food, pasta, and a frozen pizza. Only learning curve was that apparently you need to weigh your own produce before bringing it to the till - whoops! A bit of a nasty look from the clerk, but now we know for next time!

We drove around for a little while, exploring our neighbourhood, and then headed back to the apartment to make some lunch/dinner. Frozen pizza was great! Well we cooked it first, but then it was great! By that point, we were barely able to keep our eyes open, and so we crashed around 5.00 pm local time, about 9.00 am back home.


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