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July 17th 2012
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My apologies to all of my loyal followers. We have been without Internet for the better part of the last week or have been traveling very frequently. Where to begin.......

Kos, Greece is a small island off the coast of Turkey. It is one of Scandinavia's most popular vacation destinations. Everyone we met there was either Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, or Finish. That's it. Probably the best five days of my life and I'm sure Matt and Sean would agree. It is a fantasy land. Gorgeous beaches, bars, clubs, warm water, and the people are just as nice. Brian showed us a great time. Yes I will admit that the late night partying with all the free drinks we could get was a lot of fun but honestly some of the more sober moments proved to be even more fun. On the second day of our visit we rented vespas and took a 45 minute ride to the other side of the island to Paradise Beach. When I say we rented vespas let me clarify. That's two vespas with four guys. Sean was riding along with Brian. Matt and I on the other. Matt and I were shirtless as well so it was quite the site. Got honked at a lot. I digress... This paradise beach truly lived up to its name. The water was some of the clearest I have ever encountered. It was warm but refreshing at the same time. One of the coolest things was the fact that you could walk out four maybe five hundred yards and the the water level would still only be up to about your waist. Another day we took a boat ride visiting three different islands near Kos. We essentially spent the better part of eight hours jumping off of cliffs, swimming, and exploring three islands that rival Kos in beauty. Yea pretty rough life I know.

Most of the nights we were there Brian had to work so we were essentially hanging out with the staff of the bar he worked at. While the partying was a great time, some of the time we spent with these people was the most memorable. First off, like the rest of Kos, the staff was pretty much strictly Scandinavian. The thing I will remember the most were the hilarious personalities. You would think with the language barrier, although they all spoke English, it would be difficult to pick up sarcasm and jokes. Just the opposite. One night we went out to an incredible greek dinner with about 20 of the bars staff. Let me tell you it was one of the most hilarious dinners I have ever been to. Between the toasts, the drunken "speeches", and more wine and ouzo than I can imagine everyone was about as slap happy as they can be. I'll give you one example. Sean and I sat across from a flamboyantly gay Norwegian guy named Marius. He was one of the funniest people I have ever met. He had been on the Norwegian version of wipe out and had won. He also shares Sean and i's affinity for gin and tonics and spent the better part of an hour expressing this. It is safe to say he loved attention. He talked Sean, Matt, and I into doing a shot of olive oil. After much protest we didn't have a choice. It would not have been that bad if we had not mistakenly poored vinegar in our classes. Long story short the dinner was a blast. Between the dinners, partying, roof top pregaming, and the beaches Kos is literally a real life Narnia. You cannot even begin to imagine it. You have to visit to truly understand.


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