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September 14th 2008
Published: September 14th 2008
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11th September
Mum and dad took us mountain biking this morning. We drove up a massive hill to get to our destination found the signs and track for the mtb and we were off. You have to imagine that we are on top of a high surrounded by ski lifts, cross country skiing tracks crossing over the mtb and walking tracks. Trees and cow as well. Straight away the track went down, then up, more up, more up, more up and then we were at the top of the chair lift. The view was amazing. The track was flat for about 20 m then it was down - fast. Because we were biking through paddocks the fences across the tracks had tape on them to show us they were up. Unfortunately one of them didn't and Mason managed to ride straight into it. Even though I had stopped to the side of it and was telling him it was there. Then the track went up again and it was pretty much up for the rest of the way. One part of the ride were biked through a herd of cows with their bells on their necks. They were really friendly. When
Swiss FarmingSwiss FarmingSwiss Farming

We got to ride through the herd of cows.
we were biking around you could hear the bells.

We spent the afternoon swimming in the lake and playing in a boat that we were given - until we put so many wholes in it you couldn't patch it anymore.

12th September
Drove to Zurich today. We have decided that it is unwise and unsafe to attempt to hold your breath going through the tunnels in Switerzland. Some of them are 2kms long.

We drove through Zurich and managed to find a car park big enough for us. Dad took us into the old part of the city and we found a kebab shop. We had a delicious lunch. Dad had to change some money from Euros to Francs. He used a machine but we haven't worked out what he did yet because all our francs came out as 2 franc coins. We had rolls of 100 francs. When mum went to pay for lunch the man laughed but thanked her.

We met Marty at his house it is awesome. We have a computer each and a psp. We have room. I sleep on the couch, mas has a bed and Blake has a huge bean
At the topAt the topAt the top

This was the longest steepest hill to get up.
bag. We stayed up until Claire got here from london - which was 11.30 at night.

13th september
We watched the All Blacks beat Australia in an Irish Pub in zurich. It rained all day so we stayed inside and played computers, watched movies and played the psp. It was a fantastic day. Mason and I cooked dinner for everyone. I cooked meditarrean fish and mason made fudge brownie with Swiss icecream. Everyone loved their dinner.

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Cow BellsCow Bells
Cow Bells

We could pat these cows.

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