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Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich May 8th 2021

After 66 Blog entries, with over 65'000 words and 2'000 pictures, we have completed our sabbatical or you can call it extended honeymoon travel blog. 11 months ago we packed our bags, quit our jobs and headed into an adventure which turned out much less predictable than originally envisaged. Despite all sorts of Covid related travel restrictions, limitations to places we wanted to visit (museums and concerts were really a no-no) and health related conditions - we were tested 7 times during our travels - we managed to do unique things, see astonishing places, witnessed memorable events and above all spent 11 months together in all this. An unique, rich and unforgettable time bringing us closer together. Allow us to summarise and reminiscent our impressions. First step was disconnecting from the cute, luxurious Bangkok life-style, saying ... read more
Good bye Sole Mio
Good bye Bangkok
Getting married

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich September 20th 2018

After a minimal breakfast, we headed towards the Tourist Information Office in the Hauptbahnhof railway station to see about a day pass for transport. When we told the lady there that we wanted to take the trian to the Uetliberg scenic overlook, take a short lake cruise, and ride the trams around town some, she was kind enough to explain the system and recommend a day transport pass for 17 CHFs that would cover all that at no additional cost. We bought the two passes and soon found the platform for the S10 train to Uetliberg and were on our way. The train passes underground a bit, then starts heading out of town and soon uphill. Half way there, when we stopped at a stop, about 10 or 12 little kids, like 5 or 6 years ... read more
The docks at Burkliplatz
Ganymed  statue at Burkliplatz
Deloitte AG building just off Burkliplatz

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich September 19th 2018

We packed up, had our normal hostel breakfast, and hit the road again, this time heading to Zurich, Switzerland. This time not only did we not have many tunnels, and no long ones, but about half the trip we beside the beautiful Lake Zurich. My wife was trying to take photos every few minutes! As usual, the roads were good and there was little traffic, so we arrived in Zurich by a little after 10am. Unlike the last two times, we had no problems with the route the car's navigation system came up with, but this time the hostel was on a back street with no apparent parking nearby. We ended up going back across the bridge to a place we'd passed with metered parking and a few open spots. We pulled into one, put 3 ... read more
Most unusual ping pong table
Hostel Otter, Zurich, Switzerland
Break room/Kitchen at Hostel Otter

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich August 12th 2017

Zurich our last stop on this adventure. We are back in the German speaking part of Switzerland so we now say hallo (hello) and danke (thank you). You feel like you have visited different countries with the multiple languages in Switzerland. We check into Hotel Alph then Christopher and I return our rental car at the airport. We don't need a car in Zurich. We take the train from the airport to Central Station, no stops and we walk about four blocks to our hotel. We walk around and we see hundreds of mostly young people swimming, playing volleybal, skate boardping, relaxing and dancping along the canal. Christopher and Brad decide to join them. They jump off a bridge then float and swim to a climb out spot. There are bars and DJ's playing music along ... read more
Riding my free bike
Beautiful city

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich May 1st 2017

Someone said to me once that living in Europe is easy to tick off the countries as distances and prices are small... and that's true! With low-cost airlines, the price of flying London to Rome is cheaper than actually getting to the airport by train from anywhere in the UK, kind of ridiculous and bad for the environment, but that's how it is. We do travel a lot by car in Europe as well, but we don't always have the time and I have decided to visit at least one new country every year, so driving from UK is not always an option... long weekend in Zürich it is! Switzerland is country number 5 for Ella... she has already been in more countries than her age! :) Zürich is not expensive, is extremely expensive! but one ... read more
View from the flat with the Üetliberg on the background
The glamour of plane travel
Way down the Üetliberg

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich June 19th 2016

Our Munich adventure came to and end with a phenomenal dinner Saturday night. It was at a restaurant where the chef-owner is the brother of Chuck's next door neighbor. I may do a separate entry on that. Today, we headed out Germany by way of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, drove almost the length of Austria, crossed Liechtenstein, and went on to Zurich. Along the way, we had two objectives: finding sapsago cheese in the beautiful Swiss canton of Glarus, and seeing the Glares thrust fault in the same area. Skunked on both. As we later learned, the local name for sapsago is schabziger,and although we did not see any in the store it may have been available if we had known what to call it. We grew up eating sapsago grated onto pumpernickel bread with butter. As for the ... read more
Tall waterfall
Typical bucolic valley

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich January 30th 2016

Just robbed a bank to get some cash... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich September 7th 2015

Day 2 Wheels down in Switzerland Huh whoa, what, someone just grabbed my ass. I roll over its Kirsten, she’s pointing toward the breakfast card. I’m still getting the fog out of my eyes while I’m looking for my ears (Hearing Aids). Gut Morgan Herr Vogan, good morning, vould uses like some Koffee. Ya Ya Ya. The breakfast was hot and delicious; within an hour the flight attendant was prying my coffee cup from my hand. Vee have to land de Plane Herr Vogan. Nein, Nein, I want my coffee. Well the plane lands and as I’m getting off Helga is watching my every move. Gut day Herr Vogan. I smile with a Danka CHUSE, that’s thank you and good-bye in Germany. Helga looks over her glasses and leans toward the pilot. Dat’s the de one. ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich June 29th 2015

Travel Companion - solo Duration – 4 nights Movies Watched – none - Easyjet flight Sitting next to - no idea, cannot remember.... After less than a 24 hour turn around, and 6 hours sleep in two days, I was up at 4am to catch a cab to Gatwick (which is fast becoming my favourite airport) en route to Zurich. Getting up at that hour wasn't actually that bad - jetlag!? Zurich?! Why the hell would I be heading there, you may ask?! It doesn't exactly scream sun, sand, beach and booze, which has been the common denominator in my other travels. But it does house a beautiful, blue eyed boy, named Joseph, and his lovely parents Anna and Remy. I have known Remy since I moved to London and a couple of years ago he ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich March 4th 2015

Just 2 more nights and then we will leave for 3 months with our backpack. The trip is long in the making, but we are pretty much ready. Bags are mostly packed and the apartment is ready to hand over for the sublet. We'll try to keep this blog up to date with interesting things we may experience and perhaps a photo now and then. Don't fear for our lives if we don't post for a while: we might just be enjoying ourselves too much, or be without internet; or both :D... read more

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