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October 29th 2018
Published: October 1st 2018
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We knew it was going to be wet today but we didn't bargain on it being quite so cold. We had a low of 5 and a high of 9. Never mind, we had a city tour in mind which would work in well with the weather and we did have warm clothes. Chur (pronounced Core) is just over 2 hours train ride from here so manageable for a day trip.

We arrived in Chur in the middle of the day and set off for the Old Town which is through the new town and up the hill. The first feel on entry is that it feels spacious and not hemmed in but off the main square are many narrow streets with little over bridges joining one building to another across the street. Also there are a number of covered arches. High above the river and surrounded by a wall are apartments built into the wall or acting as the wall to protect the town. From the dates we could see the oldest buildings are 14th Century. Somehow we managed to get outside of the wall and not be able to get back in without back tracking but eventually we came to a water wheel and new covered steps in the wall and cliffs taking us back up into the town to the back of the cemetery and church.

Chur on a nice sunny day would be lovely as there were tables and chairs on the pavements and in the square for such an occasion. They made little money today as the wind was cold, there was new snow on the mountains and people were rugged up in their winter gear.

This eastern side of Switzerland is much more open and sunny as there are vineyards and farms set out of the wide valley and sunny slopes. It doesn't seem to be as industrial either. This area is called Heidi Land which explains it all.

Our journey back to Glarus was two trains and a bus from Schwanden which was a nice way to finish our time in the Glarus valley as the bus wound it's way in the back streets of the villages and dropped us off almost outside the house.

It's been great to spend our last week in Switzerland with our neice and her family. We can speak English, chat about family things, solve the problems of the world with Marc, learn about all things Swiss and share in cooking meals. We've learned about a whole new area of Switzerland that isn't in the Berner Oberland and found that there is a large area of Switzerland that isn't overun with tourists. This is Switzerland for the Swiss. So, goodbye until next time.............maybe...........


1st October 2018

Definitely a next time :)

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