Summer in the Swiss Alps Episode II - Alpstein / Saentis

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July 8th 2020
Published: July 23rd 2020
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The Alpstein is a mountain range of incredible beauty. It is located on the territory of the canton St. Gallen and Appenzell, in the North East of the country. Only 50 km away from Wil, Nenad considers this almost his home turf. Raw, wild nature of the Alpstein mountain range is presenting itself to the hiker upon arrival. Although not too high in altitude compared with some other areas of the Swiss Alps, the Alpstein impresses with steep hikes and challenging ascents and descents. Its highest mountain is Saentis, with 2502m altitude. To climb it we chose to start in Wasserauen, located at 860m. This meant to climb 1650m altitude in rough terrain, crossing ravines and snow fields. Nenad did this more than 35 years ago (outch). Nui is facing this challenge with her usual smile, not knowing what to expect.

After 6 1/2 hours constant climbing we reached the top of mount Saentis ...... and Nui was still smiling, incredible ! She is proving time and time again that in her previous life she must have been a mountain girl :-). Nenad had to assemble all his energies to be the mountain guide Nui deserved. We were mighty proud having arrived at the top. This was the proof that we are ready to venture later in the summer to the higher regions of the Swiss Alps in the Wallis, more specifically the area of Zermatt. For the descent from the Saentis there are two options; a knee breaking 4 1/2 h steep hike down to where we started, or a pleasant gondola ride down to Schwaegalp, catching the local buss back to our starting point, where we finally could get out of our hiking boots. Since Nenad remembered that he is on a honeymoon and not in a boot camp, he had little trouble to convince Nui for the latter option.

Before our true highlight in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt, we still are planning to spend time in the Churfuersten and Mount Pitzol areas, also located in the North East of Switzerland.

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Raching MeglisalpRaching Meglisalp
Raching Meglisalp

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