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Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Röbäck November 27th 2006

Nu taenkte vi gaa oever till att anvaenda istaellet. alias är fam Edlund. lycka till!!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Röbäck November 24th 2006

Sitting at the kitchentable trying to get our first traveldiary together.....Melvin is eating gingerbread and Julia just fell of the livingroom couch(crying). Found this site through They made us certain that it´s possible to get married on the beach without spending thousands of Bahts on elephant trekking and treeplanting that u´re not interested in. Tomorrowmorning there is a cycletour on icy roads with Patrik on the agenda and later Julia is having a look at the local floorballarena. Now let´s publish this!!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 22nd 2006

Hi everyone, apologies for the delay since my last entry but my free time tends to come in bursts and, as I'm sure you've noticed, so have my blogs. I have since finished my travels and have arrived home in Australia, so will now be publishing the final few entries of what has been an absolutely fantastic 14 months abroad. I must warn you that this one is quite boring. My time in Sweden was relatively uneventful. However, I feel that it would be remiss of me to omitt documentation of my time there. I arrived after an extremely long flight from LA to London and then a connection to Stockholm, Sweden. I have to laugh at the fact that my transportation from Heathrow airport to Stansted in London cost more than my connecting flight to ... read more
Christine & Sigurd
Old church
Row of trees

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping November 21st 2006

5 days to go and all we seem to do it run around buying more or less useful (-less?) things. So, much more fun to figure out how this blog works For the trip, we'll do this in both English and Swedish as granny Alice refuses to learn a new language at 87, quite understandably really... Next stop: New York - via dear old Blighty - on Sunday... /H... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 12th 2006

Whoof.. We booked the tickets just one week ago, and I’m slowly coming to realize that we’re leaving in just 5 weeks! Been thinking a lot about the last journey and all it’s highlights today, and my first feeling is that it’s going to be a hard one to beat. We’re not going to be as many as we were those weeks, and we’re not going to meet the same people.. But I’m sure we’re going to make this coming journey special in many other ways. Why does it feel like I’m typing as if I’m writing an essay or something? Could be because I’m writing in Word and the red spelling lines drives me nuts.. Def time for bed, and no nightmares about lost passports and such alright.. ... read more

Europe » Sweden November 11th 2006

I haven't written in a while, mostly because I've moved to Linköping (not even an option on the city-selection so you can guess the size). I'm here for 6 months studying applied ethology and applied vertebrate zoology. The work-load is massive and I'm actually attending two other courses. The study rate is 175% so you can guess my stress level. ;) In these courses, I work closely with animals at Kolmården zoo. They have Scandinavias only dolphinarium and I've done a minor project with the dolphins. Recently I worked with their eagle-owl and sound localization ability and next week I will do something new. Lots of variation, which is fun. All courses are in english and we have and had exchange students from Africa, Turkey, Italy and Japan. This ads some spice but also problems since ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 10th 2006

Around Eurpe with us! Hi there! My name is Elky and Duffy Mooze and we´re 11 years old. I come from the archipelago in Stockholm. (You know, the beautiful islands in Sweden.) You can read more about our island/country in traveldiary that you can find here at internet. (Look below.) The best we know is to travel to many countries in Europe. (Just Europe, not to other countries in the world.) I like to learn about your country/place. Please, write in my travel diary and I would be glad if you can put some photos from your country/place on my traveldiary. I like to be photographed too. I would like to travel to a new place/country as you know as soon as you are ready with me. Put this information-letter with me. Then you can follow ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 9th 2006

Hello! We live on an island in archipelago of Stockholm. In Sweden there is thousands of islands and we live on Ornö. (Have a look on a map). Here are just 300 persons live. (But many elks!!). You have to go by ferry to come here. In summer there is a lot of tourists and summervisitors. Then you can fish and go bye boat to a beautiful island. But in winter it´s quiet and calm. You can for example skate and ski. Both seasons is beautiful. We have here on the island Ornö one shop, a restaurant, touristinformation, a café and a wonderful nature. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and a little more than 1 milion people live there. One of the most famous things in Sweden is Wasa. A big ship from the 1600:th. ... read more
Summer in the archipelago
Outside the school
In the forest

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg November 1st 2006

Hey! Im usually not this happy about when the snow arrives. But today when I woke up and looked out and I saw the white on the ground, I was lika AWESOME! I havent seen snow in almost a year! And Im freezzzing my but off, but hey its ok. My dog is crazzzy about it. He wants to go ougt all the time and he was wining alot when we were inside. So I get alot of fresh air with alot of snow.... I want to add photos. But the page doesnt want to work with me, so until the, take care. And come back! Hasta luego. Anna-... read more

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