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Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 30th 2006

I made it! Yip, I'm here in Gothenburgh after 49 hours of solid travelling. The plan I had to sleep on the very long Sydney-Dubai leg didn't really work.......thanks to a gorgeous guy from Bosnia-H sitting across from me.........ha ha ha.......... Sorry girls, no real jucy details, he was flying home to a city I can't remember the name of except that it might have been in Saudi Arabia. Anyway, the flight was good, I would recommend Emirates Airline. Dubai airport was lovely as I imagined it would be. Heathrow was still old and crummy and not very clean, something I hadn't imagined it would be after all this time. Flying into Gothenburgh I was amazed that it was forest everywhere all dotted with little lakes. It looked very pretty. At the airport Jeff said we ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö July 26th 2006

Our night train to Berlin leaves out of Malmö tonight so we spent most of the day just wandering around the city. The train ride in is great because there is an 8 kilometer bridge over the sea, whicever one it is, and it only takes about half an hour from Copenhagen central station. We wandered into a cool church, I still can´t get over how smaller towns like this have humungous super old churches, and walked around a 15th century castle because the museum is open only 4 hours. We ate dinner at a resturang that only had Swedish menus so we guessed at pizzas and I got capers, red peppers, shrimp, and mushrooms. Which was alright but something didn´t sit well. Mom, can you have a batch of cookies out of the oven around ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 26th 2006

Arriving in Leeds, we realised the huge difference from the bustle of London and the distinct lack of things to do without knowing anything about the city. We found a bar to wait in while Christian finished at a diving competition. Christian now has long hair, didn't even recognise him at first. We headed up to Harrogate, where Christian lives, and had dinner at a pub. (Loving that English food.) We headed back to Christians for a couple of drinks before bed. The next morning as we were talking before going into town, we stumbled across a slight problem. Our train from Leeds got to Luton airport about 15 hours after our plane flew out. $840 later and our flights were changed to a day later. OOPS! That night we went out to a club in ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Gotland July 25th 2006

Yesterday morning the lifeboats were lowered by means of thick steel ropes and other impressive tackle along with a boarding platform and gangplank and we were ferried across to the city of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland. This exquisite little town remains completely unspoilt and retains many of its 14th and 15th century buildings. No ugly modern buildings have been thrown up within or beside it unlike poor Tallin so thoughtlessly abused by Bolsheviks and other morons. The mediaeval city walls still surround the town and there are literally dozens of ruined churches and cathedrals whose stone has at various times been nicked to build the houses of Visby. There was once a Danish Prince in the 14th C called Valdemar, who when he came to the throne discovered that the only lands his ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 25th 2006

just quickly, new mobile number for us: +46 738 014 696 Matt... read more

Europe » Sweden July 22nd 2006

Sweden is where lakes were invented, and they are not at all modest about them; they put them everywhere. If you enjoyed eating wood and drinking water, this is the perfect place for you. Forests, lakes, lakes, forests, trees, water, forests, a red house and another lake with a small boat in the forest... My first impression on arrival was that it felt a lot like home in New Zealand. The vegetation and landscape both look a little different, but there is a lot of space and it's very green. Stockholm, in size and distribution as well as proximity to water, feels very similar to Auckland, and has a rather charming old town at it's centre. The city is a rather confusing network of canals, islands and bridges that will have most people disorientated for a ... read more
Lakes and forest
and little red houses...
island trip

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 19th 2006

Sailing to Stockholm was a bit like cruising a supertanker along Coniston Water - for four hours there were hundreds of tiny pine covered islands on either side of the boat, their granite polished thousands of years ago by the glaciers and through which our Captain had to accept the services of a local pilot to navigate his way to the Capital of Sweden; and that trip to and fro was definitely a highlight of our trip so far. We settled down on the deck, wrapped up in ship's blankets and watched the beautiful world go by, looking a bit like Hiawatha and whoever his squaw was which would explain why one old man kept saying "How!" every time we walked past. Believe me, on a cruise that can seem quite funny! The city looked interesting ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala July 19th 2006

Allrighty, then, this is my first travelblog in English. For those of you who got this without previous notice, please forgive me for putting you on the list, just remove yourself if you don't want to get notifications on my trip! As the headline says, I'm in Uppsala. This is because it's a lot closer to the Arlanda airport, from which I'm tomorrow flying to New York, than my home is! This is creepy, my first time flying that many hours (still, only 7.5 hours and a direct flight: could be worse) and definitely the first time to the US. I must admit, some of my friends have said " 'scuse me? Where did you say you were going?" since I haven't really had the US as a priority no 1 on my travel list, but ... read more
Old view from Uppsala

Europe » Sweden » Gotland July 18th 2006

I am beginning to realise how big the world really is, an impression that is lost completely when one flies away on holiday. The journey to Stockholm is a long 36 hour slog up the Baltic sea, with no sight of land which if we could see it would be Sweden on the port side or Russia on the Starboard side. But at least the sea is still calm. Sitting in the Broadway lounge waiting for some amusement or other I turned to the old lady on my right who had just been served with a bright pink cocktail by a charming waitress and said, "They are very sweet these Philipinos, aren't they?" She paused only briefly before glancing at her drink and replying with a big smile, "Yes they are a bit sweet, but they ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 18th 2006

Today was entirely free. So, we did the laundry, since we are only half way through the trip. Laundrymats are rare in Sweden, but we easily found the one in Rick Steve's guide book. Then off to the needlework shop I had spotted one evening. And the waffle cones. Boy, those smelled really good while baking, and I'm sure that it attracted many others like it did us. The metro here is easy to use, just like most European cities, and we got our money's worth from the one day pass. One of our group had her wallet stolen while she was at the counter in a souvenir shop. Taken after she had pulled out her credit card for the clerk. Dinner this evening with the group for our final night together. One of the highlights ... read more

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