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Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 17th 2006

Ah Sweden. Land of Ikea, Abba, Ace of Base and also it seems lots of trolls!! Have arrived here after a short time in sunny Denmark and have spent some time looking for evidence of my namesake in the Nobel Prize museum. Didn't find him exactly, not surprising really, but I did find his xray tube invention and also looked at a very interesting display about Albert Einstein. Very educational!! Oh and did I mention that the vodka here is very good too!!... read more
More work.
Hi Godfrey..
Vodka time

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 16th 2006

Weather the same. Got a typical city tour. Stopped in the old town (Gamla Stan) to see the king's palace and the seat of government. Saw the outdoor museum of Sweden's culture, and went on two hour boat tour of Stockholms islands, going under many but not all of its 56 bridges. The city is built on 11 (14?) islands, several of them fairly small, including Gamla Stan. Group dinner in old town, and then some of us walked around Gamla Stan instead of taking the bus back. This is still a living city, but there is a nice pedestrian mall from the mainland, and lots of little shops and restaurants in that area. Lots of pedestrians too, although not as many as the previous night (Saturday night).... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping July 15th 2006

We spent a really laid-back day today at the country house of our friends Sverker and Annika. After breakfast we drove into town and did some shopping in the town center. Most of the stores were filled with summertime visitors and most had big sales going on. Annika told us that it was better to go shopping in Nyköping because the stores are less crowded that in Stockholm and the things they sell are just as good. Many of the brands of clothing and shoes are the same as we see in the U.S. In fact many goods had price tags with prices for several countries including (naturally enough) Sweden, EU countries, and the U.S. The central shopping district of the town is closed to vehicle traffic, and many buildings contain multiple stores, like tiny malls. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö July 15th 2006

so yesterday we woke up at like 1 30 pm. we felt like sleeping in a little since we wake up at 8 every other morning. we had to use our sleep sheets because this place is covered in cat hair. there are 2 cats here who have more privileges than my aunts own children. my cousin Alma picked us up in her death car (the breaks don't work) and took us for some window shopping downtown. The best item we found: Bjorn Borg mens underwear and other accessories. I was a little tired of shopping cause everything looks the same to me now. Everywhere you turn , there's an H&M store. We went for coffee in the main square and met 2 swedish guys. one of them owned a restaurant and gave us a ride ... read more
I see London, I see France
Malmo by the Sea
Malmo Buildings

Europe » Sweden July 14th 2006

Our first day... after weeks of meticulous planning, was strangely emotional. We took off for Kalmar, skirting Västerås, and heading for Öland. We had originally planned to visit the Västerås Festival, where Zak's friend Jane Kitto was performing. She had given us a free ticket and all, but we couldn't stop by, as we'd end up arriving in Öland way too late in the evening. Being the first day doing this, we were not used to the wind, the speeds, the hours of strain... we seemed to be constantly behind schedule. Just about 60km south of Stockholm, we stopped by the Vidarkliniken, a famous clinic and village founded on antroposophic ideas, and marvelled at their lovely buildings. (to see more: Järna - a place for antroposophi and url= read more
marion happy to be up

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping July 14th 2006

We drove with our friends Sverker and Annika from Stockholm to Nyköping (nee-shipping), a smallish town about 120 kilometers down the road. Near Nyköping they have a beautiful country cottage near the Baltic, which they have restored. Here it is so quiet that all you can hear is the wind blowing through the grass and the occasional moo of the neighboring cows. Most of the houses we have seen are what we would call barn red with white trim around the windows and doors and terra cotta tiles on the roof. These seem to be the typical Swedish design. Sometimes the houses are a golden yellow, but most are red with the white trim. The country around here seems to be sparsely populated, especially outside of the towns. As you drive you see fields of wheat, ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 13th 2006

In 2005, Zak Keith was a restless and experienced backpacker, while Marion was a backpacker-virgin. We traveled thru S-E. Asia and loved it! Come 2006, we are both "moto-tour" virgins. It was toss up between going to Asia again, or trying something entirely new, like motorbiking thru Europe. There is just something romantic according to Zak, about riding a horse... uhmm I mean bike, coming and going as you please, pending the weather and road conditions of course, and exploring the world on 2 wheels, but without having to peddle to death. Well, we might change our minds about it when we ride for hours along Autobahns, but all things being new to us for now, I think we're unjaded enough to really enjoy it. Since we've never done this before, we're going to play it ... read more
Our Red Baroness
All packed and ready to go

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 13th 2006

After a good night's sleep we woke up feeling as though we had been reborn. The sky was bright blue, the temperature was warm, and there was a nice breeze blowing in off the water. After a huge breakfast we all set off for our first day of sightseeing. Our first stop, though, was the airline office to pick up my tardy baggage. We were able to visit Drottningholm, the royal palace and home of the Swedish royal family. This feels like what a royal palace should be--built on an immense scale with many gardens surrounding it. It is on the island of Lovön near Stockholm. According to the guide it was built four years before Versailles. We were able to take a tour with an English speaking guide and then wander the grounds by ... read more
A street in Gamla Stan
Walking to Royal Palace
The Three Crowns

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 13th 2006

I have been in Latvia for one full week, which was considerably longer than I had planned. But it has been great, and there are many places I didn’t get to that I had hoped to see. My bus arrived in Riga, the capital of Latvia, last Monday. The bus stop is right in the center of town, adjacent to the open-air market, a market much like any other massive and overwhelming market in Europe or elsewhere; I am told that the Riga market is the biggest one in Eastern Europe. I was loaded down with all of my bags—somehow I still had too much stuff even though I left much of my belongings in Kaunas. I was lost, both physically and mentally, for about thirty minutes while I wandered around the market looking for a ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 13th 2006

Julija was my wonderful and gracious host during my week in Latvia. We met for the first time when I arrived, and I got connected with her in a sort of roundabout way. I was attending Hannah’s (my younger sister) boyfriend’s piano recital in the spring in Durham, NC, and after the concert I was telling his mother about my travels. When I mentioned that I would be in Lithuania and possibly Latvia, she said she had a friend I should meet. So I met Greg Taff, a grad student at UNC, who happened to be at the piano recital, and who had been doing research in Latvia on a Fulbright scholarship recently. We exchanged emails….then two weeks ago I emailed him and he gave me Julija’s email address. So that is how I met Julija. ... read more

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