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January 2nd 2010
Published: January 2nd 2010
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Our time in Sweden was nothing more than perfect! Aswome food, weather (even though it was -20 at times) and company..

We arrived over ten days ago and were welcomed by not only Ingrida and Anders but also a nice blizzard was waiting for our arrival as well which made the flight most interesting indeed! We were hoping for snow this year and a white Christmas and we got that and more, a lot more. We don’t think a day went past when we did not get some snow during the day.

After spending the night at Katrineholm with Ingrida and Anders we headed to Stockholm to visit some friends and to also try and organize my visa problems that we was having for our India trip and still we had no luck at day 50 and Christopher had to leave his passport with the guy their and was praying that it will be back in time before we headed to Paris the following week which it did in very quick time, we think they are a little worried about they have continued to tell us lies and we were waiting for sooo long.

Stockholm was also great fun to cruise around, snow all through the city and we had a great lunch with Diana’s friends who also took us around the city for a few hours before we headed back home to Katrineholm arms full from shopping.

Once again tonight we were spoilt for food as we were for the whole time in Sweden, both us are carrying a little extra cargo from this trip! The food has been sooo good with to much of it at every meal!

Almas, Dianas mum came also for a night at Ingrida and Anders place and we went bowling for the evening which was great fun before the next morning we headed home to where we will be spending the rest of our time in Sweden. The drive was fantastic scenery with the sun out and snow absolutely everywhere! It was amazing to see mainly for Christopher who had not really see snow like this before, we got very lucky.

In Linderberg we were getting ready for Christmas mostly and also meeting plenty of friends that Diana had not seen for quite some time. It was great to be in Linderberg going for walks around the snow and doing some stupid things as you will see from the photos 😊 We are a little crazy at times..

So Christmas day comes around and we were welcomed by another blizzard but no worries since our wish of a white Christmas had came true! It was a fantastic day indeed with way to much drinking today.. Grandmother has been waiting for us to arrive and several bottle of spirits placed onto the dinner table, no mixing aloud either.. It was a massive day but so much fun! Christopher ended up playing drunken Santa giving out the presents.

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