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June 25th 2009
Published: June 25th 2009
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Oh dear, has it been that long?

What happened? Were have I been? I guess I have a vague idea. I was hibernating! It was really a very cold winter the last one. I went 2 times to Portugal during the start of the year, as I couldn’t stand the cold in the Netherlands. Most of the Dutch people were loving it: they could skate on natural ice after 12 years of “mild” winters. I though nothing could shock me anymore in the Low Lands, but when one day I met a colleague in the elevator, who told me that just had commuted to work by ice-skating (1,5 hours!), I got speechless. But he went on, telling me how lovely it was, only a pity that the ice was not thick enough all the way, so sometimes he had to get out of the canal. Oh dear, I though I was in another planet, where roads, train tracks or bike paths didn’t exist ;-)

So, end March I decided to book a short holiday in Tenerife and I started counting the days. Not an original destination (half of the Dutch population had been there already, some a few years, some 20 years ago), but the odds of getting nice weather were good, and so I went sun bathing beginning of May! What can I say about Tenerife? The holidays were quite relaxing, I went up the Teide (the volcano), and saw dozens of Dolphins, but I though I went to the island 50 years too early. I mean it has such great conditions for when you are not that mobile anymore , no wonder the average visitor age is pretty high.

Ok you got me, by May the hibernation period was over, and I was happy and warm. So, why didn’t I write earlier? Well, you have to understand that I have been making most of any ray of sun! Me and my kiwi plant! Yes I went into “gardening” . On top of the orange tree, we acquired rosemary, basilicum, a tomato-plant, parsley, mint, thyme, chives, a bonsai, and of course the kiwi plant. She is really a climber . Of course, on the way, the basilicum got sick, one or two parley plants have died, and the kiwi plant got caught in between the door of the balcony, oops, no wonder she wants to climb away as soon as possible!

In June I was in the Swedish port city of Gothenburg. When I arrived it just had been 10 degrees and rainy, but luckily I could enjoy a hand of sunny days. My timing was perfect as it started raining on my way back to the airport. Gothenburg is an ok city, with parks, and some canals (constructed by the Dutch), and the shopping Mecca of Sweden. I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything (ok, maybe 1 pair of shoes, but they were really cheap and flexible, so they could still fit in my bursting suitcase- how could I resist?!). Actually, on way back I decided to take vacations of shopping during the summer, which officially started on Sunday. I have to confess I have “sinned” already, but it came with an immediate punishment. Today was really hot, and I just happened to be in The Hague (I love shopping in The Hague! No, didn’t go there for shopping! I went there for “The Hague Sculptures 2009,”

but they were so depressing. We have to forgive Javier Marín, after all Mexico hasn’t been very inspiring of up moods lately. So, somehow, after a stroll at the Royal garden, I was one step away from a very marvellous pair of hand-made sandals! They seduced me. It must have been the heat … my feet were like: “ I want to walk on that!” and after they have been walking me around all afternoon, I gave in out of pity. I couldn’t wait arriving home and getting them out of the beautiful box they came in. When I did, and started admiring their beautiful soles, I realised they were of different sizes! Oh dear, now that I was hoping to put them on and have a tête-à-tête with my kiwi plant …

Well, the good news is that I get to go to The Hague again soon!
I just hope they still have the matching pair in the shop ...

My dear friends, a blow of kisses to you, and keep enjoying the generous sun!


P.S. Talking about shoes reminds me of Tango … check a 13-minute Tango story with a moral (thanks Miguelito):

and if you feel like giving it a try, I just happen to have the perfect site to recommend to you:


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