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June 3rd 2008
Published: June 3rd 2008
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Well, you have been hearing quite often from my trusty teamates, but today, I finally have internet access. So it is my turn. As I am sure all of you have seen, we are having a wonderful time. Rotary District 2400 has been treating us very well and showing us the best that Sweden has to offer. We have had so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I think we are beginning to believe that it can't all be real.

Some of our favourite experiences have been with food. At least mine have - no suprise to those that know me. We have had great BBQs, awesome Chinese food, and fantastic fish. I would personally like to thank the GSE 2000 team for our preparation . I think you did a wonderful job of preparing us for Sweden, and the fish is much better than we had anticipated. However, I do not believe you prepared us for the fine eel we are receiving. We have a few members on our team who are very excited about tonights festivities - an eel smokehouse. Even the team members who thought they did not like fish have learned that when it is fresh and well
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We are not sure if the bridge will hold us. We have had a lot of Fika.
prepared, it is amazing. I wonder if the same will hold true for more eel.

Stay tuned to find out.


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We travel light

This one made the local paper.

4th June 2008

more eels???
Thanks for keeping us informed on the eels. Do they have more than one variety of eel? Do eels have white meat or dark meat? Your public wants to know!!! Where are the pictures of the Absolut tastings? I received a nice email from Dennis today. Thanks for such a lengthy and informative recap of the trip. I have forwarded it to the GSE committee. We are all looking forward to your return home and hearing of more stories and pictures.
5th June 2008

You're making me jealous!
AND THAT IS FANTASTIC! I love the pictures, and the commentary, and how together they evoke confirmation of such a powerful experience. Of course, it is impossible to convey the nuance, the depth, and the minutia of it all - but that is immaterial. Once you are home, this website will be all you need in response to the question "how was your trip?" Just point the inquisitor here. Good job! Good fun! And Good God, keep making me jealous!
5th June 2008

Cowboy photo
I enjoy reading about your travels and viewing the pictures! How did William end up wearing a white hat in the old west photo shoot? Have fun the last few days and a safe trip back!

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