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Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg November 5th 2011

Friday night we went for a beer with some other recent was absolutely packed out. You've have thought they we giving the beer away........which they weren't of course. You know when you've been in Sweden too long when you have more than one at £5.90 per 0.5 litre !! On Sat., went for a walk around the park land and gardens at Gunnebo Slott, a stately home built in 1700's. It was only about 20 minutes drive from home. Was very much off the beaten track, but was only about 5 miles from work... read more
Gunnebo House
Gunnebo Slott
Lake and a boat

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 23rd 2011

Went for a drive to the Vatterfjall Nature Park with great expectation of what we would see.....not a waterfall in much for trying to be a smart **** with my translation. Anyway a nice walk and picnic...and another truly wild-animal. Gotta be worth 20 points on I-Spy wild animals, 10 for the red squirrel and 10 for a slow-worm......... read more
Vatterfjall lakes
Spot the slow-worm.....
Vatterfjall lakes

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 22nd 2011

Bit wet on saturday...went for a walk around Slottsskogsparken, a large public park on 5 min drive from the centre of town. At the top of the hill is a deer park....hence the 'cheating' animal shots, except for the red squirrel which was wild.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 16th 2011

Drove about 30km south of Goteborg. Went for a 70 minute stroll through pine woods and the rocky/granite shoreline.... read more
Saro Nature Reserve
Saro Nature Reserve

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 15th 2011

The first frost of the winter greeted my way to work on Friday 14th October....-3C... now that was a surprise ! This weekend was cool, sunny and dry, so we went for a stroll around the park that runs next to town.... read more
By canal
Toward the town
Buildings in town

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 8th 2011

Arrived around mid-afternoon on 1st October 2011. Narrowly avoided a diversion to Stockholm due to fog at Gothenburg (Göteborg). Arrived at our apartment which is 5 min walk from city centre.... read more
Our apt
Looking through the square window
Sunrise over river

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg June 22nd 2011

I spent this weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden and I decided to do some serious sightseeing! Trams. Nordstan. Paddan boat sightseeing. Göta Älv. Wheel of Gothenburg. Gustaf Adolf's square. Views. Saluhallen. Skansen Kronan. Liseberg amusement park. Roller coaster. Lots of photos and full post at: read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg March 22nd 2011

I feel like I have been travelling at the most sensational time of the year, although fresh and a little cold at times, the sun is normally shining, the sky is a beautiful blue and so far I have only had three or four days where it has rained on my entire trip – not bad considering I have now been on the road for eight weeks. When I arrived in Goteborg it was late on Friday afternoon and I checking out the map that I had been given I found that 200mts up the road from my hostel was Slottsskogen Park, a beautiful park (about 140 hectares in total) that was covered in snow, I felt such a real sense of peace, even though I was in the middle of quite a large city. Walking ... read more
Jellyfish taken at Maritime Museum, Goteborg
Street of Goteborg
Cruising Swedish waters

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg January 2nd 2011

in Goeteborg, the boat spent one winter at the Vindile Varvet.öteborg/VINDILEVARVET_AB/141128 the boat was safe, but the boatyard can't be relied upon to get any work done. they do have some competent people, but chaotic management.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 15th 2010

Jambo! About 3 years ago we ended our travelblog with; watch out for something called AMZUNGO, remember? ;) Finally we can say that our Incredible journey have resulted in our own volunteer travel company, Amzungo Volontärresor :) Check us out at (only in swedish so far though) Have a great weekend amigos! Jenny & Lisa Amzungo Volontärresor ... read more

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