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Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg February 13th 2014

"You Moved Here From Hawaii!?! Haahaha" - Dentist Nils Andersson (January, 2013 - 35° F & Rainy) Yes, its true. As most, if not all of you know, Adina and I indeed moved to Sweden from Hawaii one and half years ago in our return to academics. And yes, the words above were truly uttered by my Swedish dentist on a particularly cold, gray and rainy day last year. A nice guy, but his laugh was Dr. Evil-ish in this instance. Especially during the short days of the winter months, this has been a common response when this has come up in conversation. But yes, its true, and Sweden is treating us well. Indeed I've been lazy in updating you all of our on-goings over the past year and a half and the adventures and challenges ... read more
Hoddevik, Norway
Mom and Dad came to visit last May - Brunnsparken, Göteborg
City Hall, Gothenburg

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg August 8th 2013

Well, I'm scribbling this from our hotel room in Athens but it's going to cover a trip to the northern tip of Denmark, back to Gothenburg, two nights in Copenhagen and our flight down here today and the first 10 hours in this amazing, slightly schizophrenic city. Part one: Our trip to Denmark a few days ago had been organised by Raymond and My and we were to go on a fast ferry across to Fredericshavn in northern Denmark then a train up to Skagen where the watch name comes from, then a walk out to the northernmost tip of Denmark along a hooked sand spit where the Kattegat and the Skaggerak meet. Gavin and I impressed the women somewhat by being able to sing most of the words to "Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen" which includes the ... read more
image Kattegat
image Fredericshavn
Central Station Gotheburg

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg August 5th 2013

We are staying in a huge accommodation complex of owner occupier apartments. Masthugget is its name and around 6000 people live here in well spaced out multi-storey blocks separated by gardens, kids play areas, child care centres, and open spaces. Raymond and My are about 200 metres away from Lyn and my digs and we trundle up to their place for breakfasts. Gavin and Heather are staying at R & M's. Raymond has organised a busy programme for us for our short stay here. Today we were going out to the archipelago and spending the day on an island, swimming and picnicking. So, a tram out to Saltshomen to catch a ferry. We sailed past starkly beautiful, rounded, glaciated rocky islets and islands peaked low above the sea. Some had straggly trees eking out an existence ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg August 4th 2013

Done Stockholm in one day. Speed tourism. With only the day to look around it was pretty restricted to the tourist traps. ABBA was good fun. The Museum is a happy experience so even if you haven't been a huge fan like I wasn't for many years it's an interesting and fun experience. Heather and Lyn singing and dancing with the ABBA holograms definitely the highlight. Stockholm's old town is a visual feast. The colours of the buildings are restricted to a defined palette so there is a coordinated feel to the look of the city which is very attractive. My camera got red hot. We walked the cobblestones, gazed at the water and the boats interlacing the city, ate at sidewalk cafes, window and real shopped, had a beer - it was 28 degrees, or ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 20th 2013

The flight into Gothenburg is full of beautiful views of trees and the inlets of sea that dot the Swedish coastline. Taking the airport but to the central train station I cross the road to my hotel and leave my suitcase as I can’t check in for a few hours. I walked up through the main square with all the trams and began walking by the main canal which goes through the shopping district. I remember much of this from the brief visit I made a few years ago. After stretching my legs I picked up the hop on hop off tourist bus which took me to lots of new areas that I didn’t get to see before including the theatre and cultural district and up to the Gotha Towers hotel which is this spectacular glass ... read more
sweden & Denmark 011
sweden & Denmark 026
sweden & Denmark 040

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg February 3rd 2013

Finally! For ~14years I have dreamt about going to Australia and New Zealand, and now I'm finally on my way. My bags are packed, the apartment clean and I have left enough food for Sookie so my flatmate doesn't have to worry about her. The plan for this trip are somewhat loose. In NZ I will bungyjump (unless I freakout and faint), take a 3day hike around Lake Waikaramoana, meet up with an old friend from High School and take a trip to Hobbiton . In Australia I really have no plan at all. I want to try Surfing, visit a koala Sanctuary outside Brisbane and just relax. We'll see where I end up. Over and out, A... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg January 4th 2013

So, this is it. It's time to leave the cold and dark in Sweden for six months of sunshine and adventures in San Diego, California. For those of you who have known me for a longer time, I kept a similar blog when I did my exchange year in lovely Potosi, Wisconsin back in the days. I still smile when I go back and read my entries and look at the photos from then, so I figured it would be a fun thing to do something similar once again. Not only does it make for a good memory, but it makes it easier for me to keep you guys updated without having to spam Facebook or send out mass emails. Yes, the blog will be in English. There are some of you who haven't learned enough ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 9th 2012

As I have begun exploring the country of sweden with my sight being through a camera lens I have fallen in love with the architecture and colors of this city. Every street has a different identity. The smells, the colors, the people all change with each turn. On the avenue you see fashion of the modern century. From channel to prada the streets scream fashion show. The buildings on the avenue are red brick and worn green copper. Inside these buildings are remodeled flats. The flats are painted white with black furniture and red accessories. The avenue has a restaurant for every taste bud. I now crave the homemade pasta. This street is always filled with a young swedish crowd. Pubs are adjacent to the delicious restaurants. Lights are strung across the street and trolleys give ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 1st 2012

For breakfast we enjoyed the Radisson Blu's fantastic Scandinavian spread. After breakfast we were picked up by a Volvo chauffeur and driven out to the factory, where we enjoyed Volvo's very warm hospitality (in exchange for buying a car). Our car was rolled out to us, and then we had the opportunity to tour the factory. This is a tour that is open to the public, and it was very interesting. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice meatball-and-potato lunch (a la IKEA), and then it was time to brave the Swedish highways in our new car (gulp)! I had mapped out a Swedish grocery store en route to Oslo because we understood that food in Norway (well, everything in Norway) was expensive. Not that food in Sweden is terribly cheap, but even Norwegians will pick up groceries ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg September 30th 2012

We arrived in Gothenburg on Sunday and were delivered to the Radison Blu by the very nice folks from Volvo. We cleaned ourselves up from the long plane ride and, ignoring the jet lag, ventured out into the rainy afternoon in search of lunch. We very quickly found ourselves at Gothenburg's Horticultural Garden, labeled on the maps as Trädgårdsföreningen. Admission was free at the time that we were there. Even in the rain and clearly past the peak of its season it made for a lovely stroll. There were still plants in bloom and some of the trees were changing colors. The kids found snails. We exited the garden at what I believe was Nya allén, a busy road but nice for its tree-lined sidewalks. The trees here were beginning to turn yellow. I spent time ... read more

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