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September 8th 2006
Published: September 8th 2006
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Art on the board walkArt on the board walkArt on the board walk

In front of the expensive waterfront apartments.
Yes this is my last blog from Sweden. Tomorrow at yet another obscenely indecent hour (3am) I get up to rush off to the airport to catch my long awaited flight to Athens. I will never ever moan about having to get up at half 5am to catch the 7am flight out of Dunners........

Anyway, today Jeff and I went into town and walked around a part of the waterfront area. We then hopped on a ferry and zipped (and I mean zipped, shit those boats don't hang around) across to the other side of the river to take a nosy at how the rich Gothenburgians live.

The area is reclaimed dock land and has been done up with very very swanky and ridiculously expensive (according to Jeff) apartments. We wandered along for a good hour or so then went to a lovely riverside cafe for a great lunch.

We ferry hopped back into town and did a bit of sightseeing before heading home, totally exhausted.

One thing about Gothenburg that has scared me shitless is crossing the roads. I think I have finally realised that here the cars come at you from the opposite direction than they do at home. Normally I just look like a dick head and look up and down the road a million times as I am trying to cross it. Road crossing is made even more scary in the middle of town where the trams use the same road as the cars and buses. I mean can you imagine driving your car on the main trunk railway line, with trains coming at you from all directions? Well that is kind of like what it is like here.

We had to cross a very wide road at a huge 4 way intersection that trams, cars, buses and cyclists all used. There were no lights and it seemed to be a free for all. I was terrified and basically got half way across with everyone else then just ran for my life.... I kid you not!

We then had to navigate a normal road crossing and for once I looked in the correct direction first off.....only to then be warned by Jeff "watch out for the cyclists". It seems if the cars and trams don't hit you the cyclists will.

So this time tomorrow I will be in Greece. Funnily enough I am not really feeling anything at the moment. I think I still don't really believe that my dream of 13 odd years is about to be fulfilled. I'm not even nervous about meeting Pavlos, but I'm sure I will be when the plane touches down in Athens.

Well Jeff is cooking a slap up last night here dinner for me so I had better go and down a few more wines with him.



9th September 2006

Crossing the Road
Sounds like a career opportunity for a Walking Bus coordinator in Gothenburg
10th September 2006

..ig vehicles aye !. Nothing like pumping blood, checking a zillion times left and right. Good for the neck muscles - who needs a gym !! Love the Public Art. My 2 Art Advsiors would adore these pics :-) Did you get down to Malmo ? Greece here you come - WAHOO !!
10th September 2006

Last Swedish blog
Hi Dee - know what you mean about scary roads - Zagreb was similar - trams and cars on the same track - an experience that takes some getting used to - also going around the arc de triomphe in Paris. Greece already ! You really are travelling around! Looking forward to reading your reports from there.

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