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May 23rd 2009
Published: May 28th 2009
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Emma preparing herself for the raceEmma preparing herself for the raceEmma preparing herself for the race

Emma prepares for the race by eating potato crisps and candy. Probably not what Haile Gebreselassie would eat before a race...

Running without sightseeing

"Baby we were born to run"/Bruce Springsteen

About a month ago we went to Berlin and ran a half marathon race there. That was the first of three half marathon races we have planned to run this year.

The third race will take place in Stockholm in September. We probably won't write about that here. Running a race in Stockholm doesn't involve any travelling or sightseeing. Consequently, there is nothing about that race to write about in this blog. After all, this is Travelblog, and the contents of a blog entry on Travelblog are supposed to be about travelling.

However, the second race of the year was in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. Going there involves at least a bit of travelling so we feel we can make a blog entry about that.

To be honest we are now bending the truth a little bit. It is true that we have to travel to go to Gothenburg. Gothenburg is about 500 kilometres away from our hometown Stockholm and it takes about three hours on a fast train to go there. But for us it doesn't feel like travelling to go
Ake preparing himself for the raceAke preparing himself for the raceAke preparing himself for the race

Emma prepares for the race by doing some scientifically tested stretching of his leg muscles. Probably more in line of what Haile Gebreselassie would do before a race...
there. Both of us have studied, worked and lived in Gothenburg for several years. So for us it is almost like going home when we go there.

In the future we might make a blog entry on the highlights of Gothenburg. There are plenty of interesting things to see in Gothenburg if you know where to find them. But the various tourist sights were not of interest to us this time. First of all, we have seen most of them in the years when we lived in Gothenburg. Secondly, when we went to Gothenburg this weekend in mid May our main priority was to run Gothenburg Half Marathon. The time we could spare on doing things not related to the race we preferred spending on visiting friends rather than on sightseeing.

There are basically two reasons for us to write this blog entry. First we want to brag a little bit about that we run yet another half marathon. We think that is damned good of us!

But we also want to tell you about the race as such because it is a little bit special. Gothenburg Half Marathon has for many years been the largest long
For 53848 people???For 53848 people???For 53848 people???

Are these the only toilets??? We are 53848 running this race. With only 10 toilets that makes 5384,8 people for each loo...
distance race in Sweden when it comes to the number of runners. This year the race is run for the 30th time and the number of participants is higher than ever. Totally 53848 registered themselves for attending the race and 40523 runners finished it. That makes Gothenburg Half Marathon the biggest long distance race in the World. So by attending Gothenburg Half Marathon we have actually helped set a world record.

Our results in the race were two new personal best. Emma beat her time from Berlin a month ago with 10 seconds finishing the race in 1 hour and 53 minutes. Ake beat his time from Berlin a month ago with 30 seconds finishing the race in 1 hour and 52 minutes. If we add to this that Gothenburg Half Marathon is much harder than Berlin Half Marathon, because there are some hills in Gothenburg whereas Berlin is almost totally flat, you can understand that we are both very proud of what we accomplished that day. Or in other words, we really kicked some ass!

We have added some photos from our visit in Gothenburg. Since we were busy running we were not able to take photos
That's better...That's better...That's better...

Oh thank goodness! There were more toilets...
of ourselves when we were in the actual race. However, we have been able to download one photo each of us from a website. Those photos are probably under copyright, but we have decided to put them up anyway. If someone takes photos of us and put them on the Internet without asking our permission we don't hesitate to take the same photos and publish them ourselves. 😊

So what exactly did we get out of running 21097,5 meters on the streets of Gothenburg, other than sore legs of course? After we passed the finishing line we got one banana, one bar of chocolate, one cup of coffee and a medal. It might seem pathetic considering that we had to run as fast as we could for almost two hours to get this. But running gives us much more than this. If you want to know how much, try it yourself.

Additional photos below
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...and the toilets are badly needed...and the toilets are badly needed
...and the toilets are badly needed

You know, we weren't joking about the toilets. Before the race starts most runners want to make a quick visit to the loo and the lines quickly grow long, very long.
Just follow the blue lineJust follow the blue line
Just follow the blue line

To run a half marathon really isn't that hard. All you have to do is follow the blue line until it ends
One km to goOne km to go
One km to go

When you see this sign you only have one km to go. No matter how tired you are when you have come this far you know that quitting now is unthinkable
Just 100 meters moreJust 100 meters more
Just 100 meters more

This is a wonderful sight. Soon you are inside Slottskogsvallen where the finish line is
You can do it!You can do it!
You can do it!

The finish is just around the corner. Your legs may hurt and you might be tired or even exhausted. But when you run the last few meters of the race you feel just fabulous
The start of the raceThe start of the race
The start of the race

This is what it looks like when first group of runners start. Most of them are in it for the competition
The start of the raceThe start of the race
The start of the race

This is what it looks like when first group of runners start. Most of them are in it for the competition
53848 people are a lot of people53848 people are a lot of people
53848 people are a lot of people

This year a record breaking 53848 people registered for the race. That is a lot of people
Emma running Emma running
Emma running

This is what Emma looks like when she is running. Note that the photo is taken just at the finish. After 21 km she still has a tremendous speed
Ake runningAke running
Ake running

This is what Ake looks like when he is running. As you can see it is not a pretty sight
The medalsThe medals
The medals

This is what the medals look like this year

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