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March 12th 2009
Published: March 12th 2009
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Well, we saw the bridge today and it was great. Very cool bridge even if it was a 3 hour drive to get here. We're staying in a hostel in Härnösand. The kids are in bunk beds and are really comfortable. Last night we had dinner at local restaurant and Rick's friend Leena met us there. We talked until the kids went squirley and then headed home. The kids went to sleep right away but Rick was up at 3am and went for a 2 hour walk. Jet lag is crazier than ever with kids. This morning we were up at the crack of 10 am and out on the road at 12. Straight up to the bridge for a little looking around. Very cool and cold.

When we got back to the hostel we had a little down time, did out first load of laundry already and then headed out for a walk around the town. Leena met us again and showed us everything there was to see. Rick said not much had and changed and he showed us his old apartment building. After the walk we got ready for dinner and then loaded the stroller into Leena's car and went to her place for dinner. She made Salmon and rice so Norah was very happy. We drank a bunch of wine, talked about the world and had a great evening. Then we walked home a few KM along the snowy streets. A great day! Now - to sleep.

Maybe I'll manage to get some pictures downloaded in the next few days...or not. Tomorrow we head to Grangesberg for Camilla's wedding on Saturday.


13th March 2009

the Lagz
Sorry the lags is getting to you guys so much. LOL that you could see everything there is to see in Härnösand in a couple of hours! LOL at me having to copy and paste Härnösand and you are able to type it no doubt! Jared and I looked up pictures of the bridge, and it's pretty impressive, quite the Golden Gate... Then we watched some promotional video clip about Sweden on youtube, and after every picture he wanted to know, "Is that castle where Evan is right now? Is that bridge where Evan is right now? Is that building where Evan is right now? Is that... " You get the picture! We'd loooove to see some pics, but take your time and settle in first. At least no more jet lag to deal with when you travel to Morocco and Amsterdam. BTW, we had some Moroccon chicken for dinner last night in your honour, and will probably pop in to IKEA this weekend to show some solidarity.... Kisses to the kiddos
16th March 2009

Sounds like you are having an exciting time!! Great that the kids didn't go crazy on the long flight. Would love to see pictures of the bridge. Will look for more.....xoxo
16th March 2009

Hi from PG
WOW, sounds like you are having a great time. Glad you took the time to see the bridge. It is amazing! I will pass this on to Gram. Thanks for the blog. I look forward to it. Lan
16th March 2009

How exciting
Hi, It's Lan and Mom and I are looking at your blog. Can't wait for the next installment! Have a wonderful time

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