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Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Kramfors July 30th 2020

Nature, culture and more along the High Coast The district Ångermanland is located along the east coast roughly in the middle of Sweden. This stretch of the Swedish coast is commonly referred to as the High Coast. It offers, among other things, wonderful nature and excellent hiking opportunities. During the last ice age all of northern Europe was covered by a several kilometres thick layer of ice. This ice was so heavy that the land underneath it was pressed down. When the ice melted and disappeared around 12,000 years ago this pressure was lifted. The land then began to rise again. This phenomenon is known as post-glacial rebound and is especially fast along the High Coast. Actually it is one of few places in the world where it is possible to study how t... read more
Full moon over the High Coast
Snowmobile warning sign
Most roads are paved though

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