Sweden 2020 part V - The High Coast and Ångermanland Province

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July 30th 2020
Published: November 7th 2020
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Nature, culture and more along the High Coast The district Ångermanland is located along the east coast roughly in the middle of Sweden. This stretch of the Swedish coast is commonly referred to as the High Coast. It offers, among other things, wonderful nature and excellent hiking opportunities. During the last ice age all of northern Europe was covered by a several kilometres thick layer o... Read Full Entry

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Köpmanholmen Köpmanholmen

In this park artists display sculptures and other art projects.
Model of the trans-Neptunian object IxionModel of the trans-Neptunian object Ixion
Model of the trans-Neptunian object Ixion

Sweden Solar System is a science project, a scale model of the solar system. Sweden Solar System is the largest scale model of the solar system in the world. In Härnösand this model, a model of the trans-Neptunian object Ixion, can be seen
The Silver Arrow metro trainThe Silver Arrow metro train
The Silver Arrow metro train

They had the legendary train the Silver Arrow at the Mannaminne museum. The Silver arrow was a silver coloured metro train in the Stockholm Metro. Since it was the only silver coloured train in the Stockholm Metro it became legendary.
Common heatherCommon heather
Common heather

Common heather can be found in barren terrain
Surströmming factorySurströmming factory
Surströmming factory

Surströmming, or fermented Baltic herring, is a traditional Swedish cuisine.
Surströmming factorySurströmming factory
Surströmming factory

Ångermanland and the High Coast is the home of surströmming. That's where most of the companies that produce surströmming have their factories.
Surströmming cansSurströmming cans
Surströmming cans

Cans from many different producers of surströmming
Surströmming pizza?Surströmming pizza?
Surströmming pizza?

We try to eat surströmming once every year because we like the tradition and we find its taste pretty good. But on a pizza? No, thank you. Btw, there are probably fewer than 10 restaurants in Sweden that serve surströmming
Västanå waterfallVästanå waterfall
Västanå waterfall

Västanå waterfall is high and steep
Västanå waterfallVästanå waterfall
Västanå waterfall

The waterfall is worth a visit
Timber chuteTimber chute
Timber chute

Log driving on rivers used to be common in Sweden. If there was a waterfall the timber had to be bypassed that somehow. One way was to build a chute parallel to the waterfall and let the logs go in the chute one by one.
Timber chuteTimber chute
Timber chute

This preserved timber chute is next to Västanå waterfall
Marieberg football field Marieberg football field
Marieberg football field

Marieberg village used to have a football team. When the sawmill was closed the village pretty much ceased to exist. But locals decided to keep the buildings as a culture reserve. They have also preserved the football field even though nobody plays there anymore
Ådalen Shootings MemorialÅdalen Shootings Memorial
Ådalen Shootings Memorial

In 1931 a series of strikes and demonstrations took place in Ångermanland. In Lunde, near Kramfors, armed soldiers who had been stationed there to control the situation started firing at the demonstrators killing five and injuring five more.
Torsåker witch trialsTorsåker witch trials
Torsåker witch trials

In the year 1675 a total of 71 people were found guilty in witch trials, given the death penalty and executed in a rural area in Ångermanland. This is the largest known witch trial in Sweden.
High Coast BridgeHigh Coast Bridge
High Coast Bridge

As of October 2020 the High Coast Bridge is the 19th longest suspension bridge in the world. It's only a tad bit smaller than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Food and NostalgiaFood and Nostalgia
Food and Nostalgia

A combined grocery store, fast-food restaurant and curiosity shop called Food and Nostalgia. The nostalgia part is the curiosity shop where they sell collectors items from the 1950-ies and 60-ies. We found this shop purely by chance (we needed groceries) and we absolutely loved it

In Sollefteå we found this sculpture of Gullspira. Gullspira is a goat and she is featured in the children book Barnen ifrån Frostmofjället

We spent a few hours in Sollefteå. It was not one of our favourite places. It was raining all of that day and that didn't help us appreciate it. But this house was kind of nice though
Själevads ChurchSjälevads Church
Själevads Church

Just an unusually pretty church we passed on the way.
Bosse BetongBosse Betong
Bosse Betong

In English the sculpture "Bosse Betong" would probably be named "Charles Concrete". We find him charming...

7th November 2020

The High Coast
Beautiful pictures and such interesting sites! Really enjoyed this. I've never heard of the SSS, would like to see it someday. This area is similar to my summer home in northern Michigan where we too have a long suspension bridge, the Mackinaw Bridge. Every labor day it is closed so people can walk across it. Come up and visit us and walk the bridge next summer!
7th November 2020

Not surprised that Sweden resembles Michigan
When Swedish emigrants when to the US many of them ended up in Michigan because the nature and climate resembled Sweden. So I am not surprised that you see a resemblence in the photos we have posted. Possibly even the Swedes brought some of their style of building houses with them as well so that farm houses in Michigan might look Swedish. That is just s guess though. Hopefully we can visit Michigan one day. We'd love to do that. Not next year though because we have other plans then. Another Sweden trip actually, only further north. Sweden is large. We only saw bits and pieces this year. We have plenty more to explore. /Ake
14th November 2020

Oh man...I want to spend a night in that...or maybe I'll try it out first!!!
14th November 2020

Denise wants to stay there too...for at least two weeks!!!
14th November 2020

We stayed in the other one
We did sleep one night in the other ARKNAT tean-to we took a photo of. When we saw it we fell in love with it and decided to sleep there. It was a bit hard on our backs but we slept good. /Ake
15th November 2020

SWEDEN - The Charms of Scandinavian
Very nice information, Vimianos Travel promote Sweden for Indian Travellers
24th November 2020

Very nice pictures! To all who wonders how to actually eat fermented herring I would recommend Ake's youtube tutorial of the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGRyr8yIo9w
21st February 2021

High Coast
Wow, this looks like a really beautiful part of Sweden! Thank you for writing about it. I love the idea of hiking for days, sleeping overnight in the interesting lean-tos, and that cube- shaped tree house! But I think I am, like yourselves, a "sunshine hiker"! Lol! That's amazing that Ake drove over the High Coast Bridge before it was completed, I'm sure there's an interesting story to that one! And I'd just love to ride one of those log chutes myself, lol! A great read, thanks Ake and Emma 🙂
21st February 2021

High Coast is wonderful
Actually, most of Sweden's countryside is stunning. You could pretty much travel anywhere and enjoy it. High coast does have many highlights. Thank you for reading and commenting. /Ake

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