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Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Umeå June 4th 2012

Wanderer The story of the beautiful northern city of Umeå should be repeated. The key things has already been said in Umeå – I. But the picture story is more interesting and attractive, than description and estimating . And it can be repeated in many variations! In addition, some new accents have been added yet. Well, first of all, it is a little expanded geographic coverage – now there is also the Ume River, which gave its name to the city. The river can be seen as such, per se – quiet, mysterious, mistcovered. However, it appears as an energy source, too – Stornorrfors Damm .img=http://www.nor... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Umeå May 24th 2012

Wanderer Umeå (Sweden) is popularly known as the City of the Birches. After a large fire 1888th the city began to build broad (and not so broad) avenues with birch trees. Just as some kind of firewall, the barrier protection, a safeguard against the spread of fire in case of a danger. I saw one of the city’s symbols – stainless steel sculpture by Ernst Nordin (1934). I thought to myself it was a stylized birch tree. It turned out differently – a sculpture represents the impression of a generalized image of the Northern L... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Vilhelmina July 14th 2011

Vilhelmina, 13.07.2011. Wir befinden uns wieder in Schwedisch Lappland. Endlose Wälder und Seen, prägen das Landschaftsbild. In Vilhelmina, einem kleinen Ort mit ca. 3600 Einwohnern, haben wir einen schönen Campingplatz gefunden. 1921 wurden im Ort viele der damals 75 Holzhäuser durch ein Feuer zerstört. 20 Häuser aus dieser Zeit sind noch erhalten und dienen Künstlern als Werkstätten und Läden, sowie als Wohnungen. Von der Kirche über dem Ort führt ein schöner 2,5 km langer Wanderweg durch den Wald, den wir natürlich unter die Füsse nahmen. Begleitet wurden wir auf dem Weg von zahllosen Mücken. Seit wir nicht mehr am Meer sind haben wir es leider wieder mit den Plagegeistern zu tun. Zum Glück übertragen sie keine Krankheiten. Wieder im Ort angekommen erholten wir uns von der „Anstrengung“ mit Schwedentorte und Capuccino. ... read more
Die endlosen Wälder und Seen
Kurze Mittagsrast
Das Zentrum von Vilhelmina

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten June 19th 2011

Byske, (Havsbad Camping), 19.06.2011. Der Byske Havsbad Campingplatz hat laut Campingführer fünf Sterne und die hat er auch verdient. Noch nie in unserer 6jährigen Wohnmobilzeit haben uns die Sanitären Einrichtungen auf einem Campingplatz so begeistert wie hier. Jedes WC hat ein eigenes Waschbecken mit Seifenspender und Papierhandtüchern. Die Duschen sind geräumig und modern. In der angrenzenden Küche, kann man Backöfen, die Kochplatten sowie einen Geschirrspüler benutzen. Aber keine Bange ich wasche das Geschirr immer noch von Hand ab. Auf dem Areal gibt auch einen Waschplatz für die Autos. So bekam unser Womo wieder einmal eine Wäsche, die es auch nötig hatte. Für die Kinder wird auf dem Platz für viel Abwechslung gesorgt. Minigolf, Discgolf, BMX-Bahn, Piratenschiff, ein grosser aufgeblasener Luftballon zum darauf herumspringen, Tretautos und nicht zu vergessen ein gro... read more
Rutschbahnen im Schwimmband
Die Discgolfbahna

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten February 1st 2010

Found out about this beautiful and interesting community and thought itd be nice to blog something about our region here. A few years ago we moved from Germany to a little town nearby the polar circle in Swedish-Lapland. We are also blogging on our main blog lapplandblog Ill follow up here as soon as i have looked around on this platform a bit more. Best regards from Swedish-Lapland (actually minus 25 degrees C).... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Umeå October 9th 2008

It's been awhile since I wrote something but I got a good excuse. I was studying and studying. I had to go back to Germany for a few days but not for fun but for my Vordiplom. I had to take the mathematics exam and .... tadaa ... I made it. But that's not the whole of it. Additionally I had to write another exam only 2 days later but here in Sweden. But guess what. I passed that too and now I am a really happy guy. So I thought it is about time to make an update. Two days ago there was a International Pub in the medical students pub called Läkervillan and it was fun. Not so much fun was the next day though. Anyway... I should tell you abit about Sweden. As ... read more
my house
Arlanda Airport
02 nahe Mariehem

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Umeå September 11th 2008

I just realized that I should tell you about my room, my castle, the hole I live in or what ever you want to it. I am living on a student corridor like most students here in Umeå. The best thing is that most of the students live in one place so that at night there is always something going on here in Ålidhem. It is considered to life in a place far of if the walk to that place takes more than 5 minutes from Ålidhem centrum. My corridor is about 30 seconds away. So my corridor ,eh? I am living here with 4 swedes and 2 Koreans. one room is still unoccupied or so it seems. There is a shared kitchen for us and a community room with a couch and a teve. Most ... read more
05 mein Flur
The showerbox

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Umeå September 6th 2008

Orientation So the first impressions are made and I got to know some people. We've been partying a lot already and been around a bit. But first things first. When we came here it was rainy and grey as I said but today the weather is great. The sun is shining and its 10°C outside and I fear it wont get much warmer but still warm enough to go cycling around for we got ourselves bikes as fast as we could and everything is much easier now. So what have we been doing the whole time? Well one of the first things were to meet some people who also arrived early and had nothing much to do. Thomas and me went to Joe. Also a physics student but from Austria. He was posting about free ... read more
Campus rally
buddy group 13

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten » Umeå August 21st 2008

The Arrival Here it is Umea. I got here in the morning at 5:30 and it was a foggy cold greeting my future residence gave me. I will stay here for a year and I was quite tired after a nine-hour ride on the nightbus from Stockholm .But still - the warm prickling feeling of a new place was keeping my spirits up and me going. My college and me had some time to kill on the new campus until the housing office was open. We sat around under a bridge and gave a quite sad picture, but at least it was dry there. Shortly after seven we started for our new homes and guess what... it started raining. So we crep under the next cover. It didnt last long so we had been at our ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten August 14th 2008

After spending three weeks in the UK to get over jet-lag, do laundry, see relatives, buy a new van, buy food and pack again, we caught the Newcastle to Stavanger Ferry on 27 July. On the boat we were introduced to crazy inflated Norwegian prices with beer costing £4.50 a pint! (Hot tip- if you want to eat/drink on the ferry, take your own food and beer. Sadly ours was on the car deck!) From Stavanger we headed straight for the Fjords. Our first stop was the Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) which is probably one of the most visited sites in the whole of Norway. A distinctive 25m square slab of rock perched 600m above Lysefjord, it is undeniably spectacular, but we were not expecting the hundreds of people we passed on the path. We were glad ... read more
Bridge at Hadlaskard, Hardangervidda
Away from the crowds
Harteigen, the heart of Hardangervidda

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