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Europe » Sweden » Värmland June 20th 2020

Some random small towns and villages When we started planning our vacation this year we thought that going abroad was not a good idea. It felt like our best option was to stay in Sweden and make a road trip here. Well, we have not seen much of Sweden so we were OK with that. For various reasons we decided to first take one week off in June and then travel in the south of Sweden and then take three more weeks later in summer and then travel north. Here is the first blog entry from the shorter of the trips. Here comes a short introduction to some of the places we went to this week. => Brahehus Castle - Strictly this is a not a castle, it is a ruin. The ruins of Brahehus overlook ... read more
Brahehus Castle
Brahehus Castle

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Karlstad June 19th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin avant le petit-déjeuner, je sors voir si je n’ai pas de nouveau un ticket sur le pare brise, non, mais surprise il y a une petite fraîcheur, 12-13º. Je vais donc enfiler mon sweat-shirt aux couleurs suédoises, jaune et bleu, certaines mauvaises langues disent « vendeur IKEA « . Le thermomètre n’a d’ailleurs pas dépassé les 18º, avec un vent du genre Mistral des grands jours et presque froid. Hier je ne vous avais pas parlé du Musée Nobel, en fait je suis passé devant sans savoir ce qu’était cette bâtisse. Ni du musée ABBA, qui paraît-il a un succès spectaculaire, des gens viennent du monde entier pour ce musée. Pas moi. Je prends donc la route direction Oslo, à la sortie de la ville un grand centre commercial je m’y ... read more
La route du jour
Henry Allards Park

Europe » Sweden » Värmland September 20th 2012

Emilie heter jag, en äventyrslysten och sprallig tjej på 20 bast som för tillfället reser runt i Europa för att erfara hur det riktiga livet som backpacker är! ERFARENHETER är mitt mål och under dessa två månader kommer jag att blogga om allt och ingenting jag hittar i städerna jag besöker, dels för att dokumentera för mig själv men också för att berätta för omvärlden om vad jag upplever. Hoppas jag kan tillföra något fint till den stora vida bloggvärlden!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Storfors June 29th 2012

Wanderer How does John Bauer see his trolls No, they are not trolls, what do you think – in today’s Internet: heroes-not-heroes-anti-heroes! They are the real trolls, as Europe and the world saw them a hundred years ago (1911;1912;1913). Not everyone, of course, saw them, but those who became acquainted with the world of John Bauer (1882 – 1918), Swedish painter and illustrator. Trolls in Scandinavia, especially Norway, are naturally already known in ancient times. But really they are depicted by Henrik Ibsen in his Peer Gynt and can be heard in Edvard Grieg’s music. However, the particular form they took only in the listener’s mind and imagination. Each had their ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Karlstad May 20th 2012

Visited the Haverud aqueduct on the way to the 'Tree-House' following day we went to Karlstad for 2 nights. On Saturday we visited Glaskogen Nature Reserve, where we saw a snake (Probably a grass snake, but too quick for the action photographer. On Sunday we visited Nora and then got lost in Garphyttan National Park near Örebro. Common crane and a Great Spotted Woodpecker on this trip.... read more
Karlstad statue - thats gotta hurt
Karlstad statue
Statue at Saffle

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Säffle May 17th 2012

Back to nature experience in the forest by Lake Elden - spent the night in a tree house. Howling wolves during the night. We were the only ones on the campsite - cooking over an open fire, heating the water for the shower and not forgetting the sauna by the lake.... read more
Bridge to the tree house
A room with a view

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Arvika February 19th 2012

Hi and sorry for not been active latley.. Since my last post I have been to Austria and got there by Austrian Arrows, (Fokker 100 and Dash 8Q400). Which was really great! Would love to go by Dash again, such a beautiful airplane :) And I have been planespotting at Stockholm Arlanda when the big boy Antonov An225 Mriya got there to pick up freight to Korea :) However, at the moment I got another 5 flights booked, one in just 14 days when I'm comming home from my sister by a Skyways Fokker 50 from Stockholm to Karlstad. And then I got flights booked to Prague in May, flying Lufthansa from Oslo via Munich to Prague. A319/ERJ195/ERJ195/A319. First time for me on both A319, ERJ195 and A320 so that's even moore than Awesome! at last ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Grasmark August 10th 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Well, I left Jessheim (pronounced yes-hime) this AM @ 5:30. It rained incessantly the entire day. I found a great tourist info bureau literally right on the border at morokoulian. A line went through the middle of the room denoting Norway & Sweden. I took pics standing & pointing. I finally p/u postcards but didn't get any Norwegian cards. I asked why there weren't any cards showing rain. The hostess recommended that I go to sonne tonight about 75 Km from that point. I tried but after getting a blow out after @ 10 km into the final leg, i was slowed down severely. At that point my derailer began to act up, the blowout slowed me down as well as the mountains. I guess there are mountains everywhere. When I asked ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Filipstad July 22nd 2011

Filipstad, 22.07.2011. Wir sind nun definitiv in Südschweden angekommen wir nähern uns dem Vänernsee. Zur Zeit machen wir in Filipstad Station. Auf dem Munkeberg Campingplatz am Ortsrand haben wir Platz gefunden. In Filipstad kann man einen gut fünf Kilometer langen beschilderten Rundgang ablaufen, den „Sli - Hälsans Stig“. Er führt an einigen Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt vorbei. Unter anderem am John Ericssons Mausoleum. Ericssons konstruierte für die Nordstaaten im amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg ein Kriegsschiff welches entscheidend in die Schlacht eingriff. Ericssons gilt seitdem in Amerika als Kriegsheld. Eine kleine Nachbildung des Schiffes, sowie zwei der Kanonen sind am See zu sehen. Zudem wurde in und um Filipstad bis 1920 in Hochöfen Roheisen hergestellt. Gleich neben dem Campingplatz steht die „Storbrohyttan“ eine Anlage, die zwischen 1853 – 67 gebaut wurde. ... read more
Wir waren nicht die Einzigen auf dem Platz
Eingang zum Campingplatz
Die Rezeption des Platzes

Europe » Sweden » Värmland » Arvika July 10th 2011

Yeaho : ) Now it's booked and we are ready to go! Next saturday, the 16'th of juli me and my oncle are going to Rygge (RYG) really early in the morning to board a B737-800 Ryanair, heading towards Memmingen (FMM) in southern Germany! We will go to Lake of Constance and sleep in Friedrichsafen for two nights, and then we will head back to Memmingen and have one last night there before our flight will takeoff heading towards the reality. We will stay for 3 nights so we will be having to make the most of the time, We have talked about going to Mainau - The castle, and I would love to go to Switzerland and buy chocolate >:D But there's always a But, the vulcano of Hekla on Iceland is showing a lots ... read more

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