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Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala August 6th 2017

Well, we finally got a couple of rainy days. When it rains here, it rains hard! It rained most of Sat morning and into the afternoon. Then it got nice and stayed nice for the rest of the day. Sunday morning started out nice and then we had scattered showers around lunch time. Then it gets nice and sunny again between showers. So, we did some road trips to see some towns a little further away. We went north as far as Gavle (on the Baltic) and then back down to Uppsala. We quite enjoyed walking around Uppsala and did a little shopping. Today we headed the opposite direction down to Nynashamn (on the Baltic coast) and then on to Arsta Havsbad (on the Baltic) and then Sodertalje. In Nynashamn there was a festival going on ... read more
The pier in Nynashamn
Food pic - sorry
Shrimp sandwich on baquette

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala July 20th 2016

Gestern habe ich auch in Umea gut gefrühstückt (weil ich am Vorabend so spät gegessen habe, habe ich nur Corn Flakes zum Frühstück genommen). Dann habe ich ausgecheckt und bin zum Västerbottens Museum. Dieses ist nach der Provinz der Stadt benannt und ein Art modernes Heimatmuseum mit einer Ausstellung über fruehes Skifahren, Kunst und einem kleinen Museumsdorf. Dann bin ich wieder zurück und im Bahnhof in dem hier endenden und startenden schwedischen Hochgeschwindigkeitszug X2000 eingestiegen. Der erreicht in dieser Gegend zwar nicht seine Höchstgeschwindigkeit, sondern nur stellenweise 200 km/h, aber er ist der Grund, warum sich die Stadt gut als Nachtquartier angeboten hat. Auch dieser Zug hat kostenfreies Internet für alle Passagiere bis zu 200 MB. Das ist anscheinend im abgelegenen Norden Schwedens kein so grosses Problem wie im dichtbesiedelten Deutschland. Die Zugfahrt w... read more
Der wartende X2000 nach Uppsala.
Västerbottens Museum.
Västerbottens Museum.

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala April 13th 2015

Yesterday, as per Brayden and Johanna's advice, I grabbed the 11:11 train to Uppsala, a quick 40 minute ride north of Stockholm. I got there and it was just the crappiest day; raining on and off (it was like I was back in Iceland with all the weather changes) and I experienced probably the strongest wind I've ever been in! But, I toughed it out and walked around the very cute town for the afternoon. It felt very quaint and homey, somewhat like a downtown Bobcaygeon or Halliburton. There was a massive cathedral that revealed itself as I rounded a corner and of course I wandered in to check it out, after the service was over (and yes Shawn, I took off my hat!) Uppsala is home to a pretty impressive university campus, Uppsala University, that ... read more
Up close
Up close 2.0

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala July 29th 2014

Uppsala and Gavle north of Stockholm After leaving Stockholm we drove 80 km north to the university town of Uppsala which is the fourth largest city in Sweden. In Uppsala we saw the biggest cathedral in Scandinavia, which has quite a few crypts and tombs inside. We briefly visited Gamla (Old) Uppsala, which was once a flourishing 6th-century religious centre. This is also where Viking royal burial mounds and temple remains from the time when Uppsala was Sweden's capital. We then went onto Gavle and had lunch. From there we headed west to visit one of the most beautiful regions in Sweden - Dalarna Region.... read more
We saw this car being pulled out near Uppsala Sweden (2)
Biggest Cathedral in Scandinavia in Uppsala Sweden (1)
Biggest Cathedral in Scandinavia in Uppsala Sweden (2)

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala September 8th 2013

Tag 2. Sonntag 8.9.2013 Nach einer sehr langen, kühlen (wir haben dann doch eingeheizt) und erholsamen Nacht, starten wir um 10:00 gut in den Tag! Wir hoffen, dass Sebastian so lieb ist und Stefans Führerschein einscannt und an Touring Cars sendet – dann können wir uns nämlich legal bei den Fahrten abwechseln und Bernadette ihre sicherlich hervorragenden Beifahrerqualitäten unter Beweis stellen. Duschen war fein und auch das Frühstück samt Müsli und Löskaffe stärken uns für den heutigen Tag. Jetzt tippe ich gerade noch den Reisebericht doch gleich geht unser Abenteuer weiter. Tänke entleeren und auschecken. Wir haben um 14:30 gut ausgecheckt fahren ins Zentrum von Uppsala. Zu unserer positiven Überraschung ist das Parken am Sonntag kostenlos (anstatt 15 SEK die Stunde) und so schlendern wir gemütlich los. Uppsala ist die viertgrößte Stadt Schwedens (wobei es leich ... read more
Das Ratshaus und...
Blick entlang der Fyrisân
Kanzel im Dom

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala March 30th 2012

LATINOAMERIKA omfattar ungefär 21 länder som delar historia, kultur, språk och blandat folk. Även dessa länder har egna traditioner och dialekt folket ger varandra musik, konst och humor, till och med de politiska och ekonomiska systemen.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala June 5th 2011

my last day in Sweden, i took the train an hour north to "the Oxford of Sweden," Uppsala (so says my Rough Guide, anyway). so glad i did. easily one of the highlights of the trip. the comparison to Oxford is a bit of a stretch, but it is very compact, and life does center around Uppsala University. inside the Carolina Rediviva, which is the university library, is a not-to-be-missed exhibition of priceless manuscripts. these include a 6th-century copy of the Bible (named the Silver Bible), an original copy of Mozart's Magic Flute score, and Newton's Principae Mathematica. and admission to this collection, easily the best of all the collections i've visited in all of Scandinavia...20 kr. settled in for another hot latte (which means it's served once again in a glass mug that is absolutely ... read more
Uppsala Cathedral
map in Greek and Russian
Original copy of Newton's masterpiece.

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala January 26th 2011

People love to say it, I love to say it. In fact, it's the German word for Oops! so Germans probably love it too. A friend of mine told me recently that they even like typing it. The fact is, Uppsala has the rare and elusive double header of being a charming place with a lovely sounding name to go with it. Very lovely place indeed, especially in winter, but more on the city itself later. Today we're focusing on snow which is an important part of Swedish winter as it's everywhere. And I love the snow. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Eskimos have 14 words to describe snow, and true or not, I always found that to be incredible. For an Australian who lives at least 3000 kilometres from the nearest snow, I ... read more
Our Street
Uppsala's Christmas Tree
Uppsala Water Tower at sunset

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala January 26th 2011

Stayed up late last night listening to the SENS game, unfortunately the website I usually stream games from wasn't working so I had to listen to the Team 1200 broadcast. It's better than nothing but Dave Schreiber and Gord Wilson aren't exactly the best commentators to say the least; they always make it sound like the SENS are getting screwed by the refs/have an excuse for every bad play but it generally isn't the case. Also ran out of Reese PBC's last night while watching the game, which sucks cause you can't buy them over here. My mom and dad stashed two 4 packs in my suitcase when I wasn't looking as well as gave me a 4 pack as part of a farewell present but for those who know me well you know I def ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala January 25th 2011

Instead of telling the same stories about my semester abroad over again to different people I figured it would be easiest to keep a blog about it so people could just read and get a more detailed idea of what my time over here has and will be like. I arrived here on January 15th and have been keeping a rough journal I guess you could call it in a word file but I might as well make it public so its useful to more than just myself. If I have time I'll go back and fill in the previous days that I have kept track of on Word (as my first 10 days here have been pretty interesting) but for now I'll stick to real time. Today I really didn't do too much, Woke up ... read more

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