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July 19th 2006
Published: July 19th 2006
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Day 1: Goteborg to Uppsala

This route I did by train.

Darling second cousin Darling second cousin Darling second cousin

She's talking on Skype, while I'm writing, perfect use of a broadband connected computer! Sometimes I just love the high tech of today ...
Allrighty, then, this is my first travelblog in English.
For those of you who got this without previous notice, please forgive me for putting you on the list, just remove yourself if you don't want to get notifications on my trip!

As the headline says, I'm in Uppsala. This is because it's a lot closer to the Arlanda airport, from which I'm tomorrow flying to New York, than my home is! This is creepy, my first time flying that many hours (still, only 7.5 hours and a direct flight: could be worse) and definitely the first time to the US. I must admit, some of my friends have said " 'scuse me? Where did you say you were going?" since I haven't really had the US as a priority no 1 on my travel list, but this time, this was an offer I couldn't refuse :-)

My loved one Klas is there now, having been in Michigan for a month taking a university summer class, and since his very generous brother offered me some of his mileage points at Scandinavian Airline Systems, of course I had to go :-)

But I started out in a light way by
Old view from UppsalaOld view from UppsalaOld view from Uppsala

This is a view from Uppsala in the 18th century, including the river Fyris that runs through the city. We went for a walk past it yesterday, it's actually lovely in the summer ...
visiting my second cousin first, here in Uppsala. I've been totally confused since I started travelling yesterday after having worked for 19 days in a row (yes, including weekends), then cleaning my apartment, visiting friends and relatives and then working one day more, and every now and then I realize "Hey, I'm on vacation!!" and "Weee, I'm off soon!"

So, after this day in Uppsala with a perfect, Swedish summer of about 23 to 25 degrees Celsius, I just have to get mentally prepared for 10 degrees Celsius more. Phew. At least I've heard that Americans know how to make good ice cream.

I'll be back, on Thursday at about 1:10 p.m. local time, which is 18:10 central European time, I'm on American soil.


20th July 2006

Nu blir du snart av med den. Nervöst? Tänk vad vi ska ha att prata om när du kommer hem. ;-) Puss!

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