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June 10th 2010
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So up again early to head out to Lake Malaran for a BBQ with Bre. We stopped by the market for a one-time BBQ, some steaks, grill cheese, fruit and such. Yes, they have grill cheese. You actually throw it on the grill for a few minutes to get grill marks and then slice it up. It's like Tillamook squeeky cheese. Weird but good.
We seemed to have gotten a defective grill cuz it took about an hour for the briquettes to finally heat up. Two other picnic parties had started their grill after us and they were almost finished eating by the time we started cooking. Oh, well. There were lots of young kids at the lake. Some actually were swimming. It was about 68 degrees. The sun came and went so either you were putting your jacket on or taking it off.
We stopped at Toy's R Us and bought a game called Kubb. Kubb is a classic Viking game, played for over 1000 years on the Baltic island of Gotland. I guess it's become popular recently in Sweden again. You have a "king" block of wood in the center of a 8m x 5m square. On the short sides you have 5 blocks that you line up on each side. These are call Kubbs. The goal is to knock down the opposing sides Kubbs with throwing sticks and eventually the king. It's pretty fun and harder than it sounds. There are other rules but you get the jist.
Called it an afternoon to go get some laundry done and finishing Bre's packing. So it was $200 a box to ship home on the slow boat to China. Really? It was just clothes and books. We should have threw it all away and gave Bre half the money for new clothes. Oh well, it's been done and they're on their way home.
I've finally had a few minutes to blog so I quickly typed up the last few days. I still have to get pics done but that will take more time than I have right now.
We'll take off soon to pick up Bre and head out for Greek food. Should be good! Bye for now!


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