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June 4th 2018
Published: June 4th 2018
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Surprising things about Sweden I have spotted so far
1 I thought they would be hot on recycling but other than glass there doesn’t seem to be much effort where we have stayed

2 There is an incredible amount of bird life. Even in the city there is lots of birdsong. Walking Jeffery a short walk today there were over 30 bird nesting boxes out. Several of them were occupied. In another place there were owl boxes mounted on electricity pylons.

3 Sweden seems to have lots of low level graffiti on the lines of “Sven was here”

4 Stockholm as a city is so full of water and boats. There are marinas everywhere and lots of the boats are stunningly beautiful wooden craft maintained to high spec.

5 They do good beaches. Little beaches they create on lakes or rivers.

6 The most likely cause of injury is cyclists not cars. They are everywhere and cycle lines weave in and out of pavements. One has to have one’s wits about you.

7 Their English is superb. We have not encountered anyone young or old who cannot manage a conversation. They put us to shame who can say” Hello”and “ Thank you”.

8. Many more men looking after children in the day time as seen in various parks.


4th June 2018

Lasse Viren
Well done Phil. After I'd hastily hung up, I rememembered 2 maxims: A fol & his money are easily parted & Spend in haste. Repent at leisure

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