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June 16th 2014
Published: June 16th 2014
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We made a new friendWe made a new friendWe made a new friend

We made a new friend
Mixed emotions on this day really, we slowly began to be happy that the end of the tour was coming after such a hectic week and so many early starts, but we all agreed it's mad how much you can get done! We were all laughing and joking actually, force the laziness out of a group of students and you actually get a group of people who can wake up on time (some grumpily) and get ready.

It was great ending the tour in Stockholm, as it was effectively a free day until the airport in the night, so we split into groups dependent on where we wanted to go! The weather was beautiful, reflecting, we were quite lucky... only a morning in Tallinn and a day in Helsinki was it raining.
For myself and a few others, we wanted to get some last minute souvenirs and discover the old town, an opportunity we didn't have on day 1 in Stockholm. The exchange rate from Kronor back to pounds is pretty bad too, so it was quite nice being in the position to just spend spend spend. We had a lovely lunch in a medieval place which according to our

host was home to a ghost! Trying the Swedish pear cider and having meatballs and potatoes was lush, not really my best moment to describe the cider as 'peary', though!

All in all, Stockholm was a brilliant day, a really nice way to end the tour, spending time with a part of a group of amazing people. We enjoyed trying to get a jumping action shot in part of the old town, and also casually strolling around to have a nose! The temptation to hire a bicycle was hard to resist! But in the end, we (unfortunately) figured it would be just as easy to walk around, and what a summer tour it was.


In the 7 days it took to return to our starting point in Stockholm, we visited three other capital cities, saw the World Cup opener on a ferry from Russia to Finland, stayed on a boat in Saint Petersburg until three in the morning, survived a hangover in Helsinki, saw different cultural aspects of the Baltic region... and left my converse trainers in Russia. Throughout the eight days of Summer Tour 2014 with the History Society, banter,
Jumping in StockholmJumping in StockholmJumping in Stockholm

Jumping in Stockholm
funny times and great memories followed. It's fair to say - I had a blast.

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