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July 10th 2011
Published: July 10th 2011
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Sweden’s mosquitoesSweden’s mosquitoesSweden’s mosquitoes

The most common and annoying summer residant
Back into Stockholm with our friend who is visiting for a little over a week and we were lucky enough to be greeted by some amazing weather. This made for some great sightseeing during our time there in which it seemed that we walked the entire city checking things out. One thing that is a must when in Stockholm is doing one of the many boat cruises that will tell about the history of the city and also some interesting facts also. What Chris didn’t realize is that Stockholm is on a fresh water lake, well most of it and the water are controlled be several dykes that are set up under the bridges. Also the water right in the middle of city is safe enough to drink and swim in and this is quite noticeable with many people on a clear hot day taking a swim right in CBD. Not sure how many cities around the world are capable of that, if they have fresh water at all.

Only one museum for this trip to the city and it was the History Museum which has two interesting things that we wished to go and have a look at, first was the gold room and the second was the vast collection of Viking material they have. Sweden is renowned for the Viking age so learning about the history and seeing the tools, smashed in skulls, boats that they went on their rampages seems something that needs to be done. A saying still going within the Swedes is ‘as strong as a Viking’.

For the rest of the time we spend wandering around the city and admiring at how expensive it is here. Well just coming from Lithuania for such an extended time it is quite a surprise (again) to see things 4-5 times more expensive here in Sweden. Anyone who wishes to go on a night out and have some Swedish vodka will get a shock, the taxes are something like 40% for vodka which hikes
the prices up.
But still, Stockholm is a picturesque city and seems that the whole city has a waterfront view.. Walking around the city is like looking through a fashion magazine with everyone dressed sharply and looking swarve in their designer brand cloths. It is one of those cities where everything is nice and neat and in order and still is, after visiting many times now, a great place to visit.
Also for anyone who has been to Sweden in the summer, mainly once you head out of Stockholm you will notice the wast amount of mosquitoes that are present. It is one thing that Sweden is famous for but not in the most pleasant way.

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10th July 2011
Sweden’s mosquitoes

A photo with amazing detail but so painful! I'm impressed by whomever was able to resist swatting it away so the photo could be taken - yikes!
11th July 2011

I am so jealous !!! I want to go back there. We had such a fantastic time visiting Sweden with friends and family and these photos bring it all back. Love to you all xxx

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