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April 9th 2010
Published: April 15th 2010
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Late train… everywhere booked… walked in the rain for hours looking for somewhere to stay… Got trapped inside a building because I didn't have the codes to work the doors or the elevators..gave up and went to cheapest hotel possible. And by cheap it was still 70Euros with my daily budget for food, shelter, and souvenirs being 50Euro! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Woke up to my breakfast waiting at my door to find that it is 4 pieces of sandwich meat, 3 pieces of cheese, 2 bread rolls, and a jam. So I eat my two bread rolls and leave the meat and cheese. Not the best sign for the day but were trying to remain positive, it is only breakfast right? It’s not like it is the most important meal of the day… no wait it is… hmm maybe it is a bad sign.

I get dressed and head outside to be greeted by a very much overcast day. That’s ok! The rain, overcast, snow hasn’t stopped me yet. I head to the train station first to get my ticket for the night train so I can visit Santa Claus and the husky farm at the Arctic Circle. I have a good 8 hours before my night train so I decide to begin my walk around Stockholm. I have seen and heard that the Scandinavian designers are really good and that Stockholm is a good place to go to find the cheaper priced items. Hopefully I can find a good deal. I search and I search and can not find the designer outlet, either of them actually. I stop by the tourist office to check the addresses again and it still comes up with the same ones that don’t exist at their actual location. I find another address for a different shop and decide to go there and guess what… it wasn’t there either. So I give up on this goal and decide to check out a museum or two since they, according to my guide book, are also free.

I get to the museum and guess what?!? They aren’t free anymore; so much for that idea. So now I go to the palace area to see the cathedral, which is free. Well guess what? The cathedral is closed for renovations. Well this day doesn’t seem to be going any better.

As I walk back passed the palace I catch the tail end of the Stockholm Navy Band playing which was nice for the whole 30 seconds of it that I caught. So I begin to wander aimlessly and come across a random medieval themed market. It was funny to see all the people dressed up in the old medieval clothes and selling all the old wares. There was even a stage with a band playing. So the band finished and now I am up to a whole nearly 30 minutes of decent and mildly enjoyable stuff for the day. And now I am tired and annoyed so I head back to the station to have dinner before I get on my night train.

Hopefully tomorrow will be the better day.

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15th April 2010

Stockholm blah
Ok, I read the next entry first thinking what a bad day that was, but it actually started on this day in Stockholm. You better just keep movin on.
18th April 2010

sometimes it just works that way....
....what can you do but just laugh and shake it off ...and tomorrow is a brand new day! Keep on keepin' on! Kath

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