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May 20th 2009
Published: October 16th 2009
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And we thought Copenhagen was cold. Arriving at Stockholm, which is quite a bit farther north, we had to wear scarves and extra jackets. We first went to check into our hotel which happened to be owned by a band member from ABBA. Eric and I had our own hotel room, we were getting spoiled, and what a hotel room it was. You could play a cd in the main room and listen to it in the bathroom. There were speakers that you could turn up or down in the bathroom!! Also the shower had a window that goes to the bedroom. We were very excited about Stockholm and we had only seen the hotel.
When we got settled in we had all day to roam the city. We learned very quickly that Stockholm was a very beautiful city with even more water outlets everywhere. Most of the city is on different islands with bridges to cross. We just walked around the first day and took in all the beauty. Eric and I then met up with the rest of his family for dinner. The food was great but the service was a little below par. It took over an hour and a half for us to recieve our food. They gave us a complimentary coffee because of the wait. Little did I know that this was a big mistake.
Because I was sick a few weeks earlier I was not drinking any coffee. The one glass of coffee that I had with dinner was extreamly strong. When it was time to go to sleep I could not settle down my mind. As Eric was snoring beside me I could just not sleep. There is even more day light in Stockholm then there was Denmark. The sun does not go down until around midnight then comes up again around four in the morning. I know this because I was awake to see the whole thing. Although it was a beautiful sunrise I wish that I could have slept through it. I did not end up going to sleep until around five thirty and woke up at seven. I was going to have a very tiring next day.

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