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Europe » Sweden » Södermanland September 21st 2019

A couple of years ago, I was marooned in icy Dundee in Scotland to attend an induction course at the University. Stuck in the Apex hotel down by a deserted and frigid Marina, the days quickly assumed a pattern. Each January morning, I would head down breakfast and load up on the haggis as part of a cooked breakfast. I began to enjoy the toothsome, morerish, over-seasoned peppery/saltiness of the dish. I delved again and again into the silver tray and loaded up. Although made from occult and arcane organs your average vet hasn’t seen in his working lifetime, a strange addiction began to take hold. Cold turkey was harsh and unremitting; comprising a six month struggle with chronic, bilious dyspepsia. Swedish cooking has a near identical dish. Polsa. This is haggis liberated and unfettered by ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland May 31st 2018

A visit to the summer cottage in Sweden allows us time to entirely relax. There is no noise from planes, no traffic hum, no car alarms or police sirens. The gravitational weight of big city living is removed. Heads clear, backs straighten, fists un-clench, shoulders un-hunch and teeth un-grit. Faces are turned toward the leaf-filtered rays of the sun. For over ten summers we have been taking advantage of a stay in a sommarstuga (summer cottage). We have been on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, in the country outside the pretty, historic town of Strangnas and more recently we have been further inland between two lakes in the depths of a forest south of the city of Sodertalje. Apparently nearly half the Swedish population have access to a summer cottage. There are no fewer than ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Mariefred July 28th 2017

This morning we woke to our first spot of rain. It was a light drizzle but we headed off to the town of Mariefred hoping it would clear up. Sure enough, 10 minutes into the drive, it got nice and sunny. This town is west of Stockholm but the ocean still goes inland that far. Upon arrival, we walked through the main street and down to the waterfront. There were lots of boats docked here and the pedestrian walk through main street was really nice. We ate lunch here and it was all delicious! Yes, I had the meatballs. Then we walked over to Gripsholmen Slott (means castle) and it was very cool. Our first real experience of a Swedish castle up close. The cannons inside the castle grounds were from the 1600's and were very ... read more
Steam train
Cannons inside the slot
Gripsholmen Slott

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Strangnas September 9th 2013

Wir erwachen ausgeruht und doch etwas unterkühlt, trotz Bernadettes Nachadjustierung der Heizung. Nach dem Frühstück und Wasserbefüllung fahren wir um 9:30 Richtung Supermarkt und weiter zu unserem Ziel Schloss Gripsholm. Auf dem Weg fahren wir über manche Brücken und Bernadette überholt das erste Mal ein anderes Auto. In Strängnäs legen wir einen Zwischenstopp ein und laden unser Wohnmobil samt anderer 230V-Geräte am öffentlichen Parklatz auf. Das kleine Hafenstädtchen ist sehr herzig und auf dem Hügel thront eine große rote Windmühle. Wir genießen den Sonnenschein auf unserem Bummel und besichtigen den Dom. Leider gibt es für Bernadette abermals keine Sonnenbrillen in richtiger Größe und passendem Geschmack ;-( Nun geht es weiter nach Gripsholm, doch bevor wir die Besichtigung starten ruhen wir uns noch eine halbe Stunde aus (schon praktisch wenn man das Bett immer g... read more
Strängnäs Port
Kirche in Strängnäs

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping August 26th 2011

Today is all about the packing. We have gone to the pharmacy and in addition to the vaccines we have already taken, bought a plethera (sp?) of medicines, pills, liquids, cremes, bandaids handsanitizer, sprutor. allt and everything, which could possibly be necessary whilst we are away from the west. Today we are going to go into town and purchase the last supplies we will need, batteries, flashlights, camping gear, zombie-repellant. Still trying to decide what is important to have with, my clothing isnt directly suited to the climate of tanzania. Updated packing list will follow in tomorrows entry along with photos of the packed up gear. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Mariefred August 2nd 2011

Hello everyone… and here I am in Sweden for a couple of weeks. Having had my “summer hols” last winter in Oz and NZ – I thought I better have more “summer hols” in Europe. (Well if I don't get away travelling every month I get withdrawal symptoms. ) Each summer when my dear friend, Lesley, comes back from Dubai where we used to teach together we have some holiday time together… and the rocky landscapes, forests and lakes of Sweden are the perfect antidote to the desert sands and highrise towers of Dubai!!! We arrived at Arlanda airport north of Stockholm and took our rental car North about 450km at Tallhed near the little town of Orsa. Michael and I had some lovely times there at old wooden cottages which belong to my good Swedish ... read more
Mora (2)
Mora (4)
Mora (6)

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping June 15th 2011

Hi there, No no, I'm not anymore in Sweden. But as my journey ended the 21st of June, I didn't write all my adventures down so ... a little journey back in time to tell you what happened in the South of Sweden. On June 15 we said goodbye for the second time to Christine and went to the trainstation. Prices are really silly here when you want to take the train. When you pay in advance a journey from Stockholm to Nyköping would cost round €15. If you decide to go the same day you pay €30 and when you are in a hurry and don't have the time to buy a ticket at the ticket office you pay €11 more in the train. If this is what waits for us in Belgium with the ... read more
12 - 16 juni Stockholm en Nyköping 009
12 - 16 juni Stockholm en Nyköping 010
12 - 16 juni Stockholm en Nyköping 011

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping June 11th 2011

Only two minutes left of internet time at skavsta, Awoke from thunder this morning at a nice hostel. Awoke at 4:00... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland October 28th 2010

ou : In a faraway land It’s done. Still amazed by the unnatural efficiency of public servants here. What had taken me months to organize back home just took an hour or so to complete after our arrival. Chapeau, vraiment! So we have all the necessary papers, the keys to our appartment - or flat, both good here; that’s what you get from people learning British English but watching too much American TV - and a warm meal, bought somewhere cheap along the way. But we don’t have beds yet, nor any kind of furniture except an old armchair, a rickety table and a washing machine. Lili’s asleep on a pile of cushions and clothes. First impressions? La météo d’abord. It’s cold out here. I was expecting cold, it’s the end of October and the weather’s ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Södermanland » Nyköping January 3rd 2010

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