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Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 21st 2019

When your contracts run out at work and you are to be unemployed for the next 3.5 months, perhaps choose somewhere cheap to celebrate no longer receiving a salary. Or, go to Scandinavia. And live off falafel. Sharing a single beer in four days. The flights were cheap. Edinburgh to Copenhagen return costing about £50. We could pop straight over to Sweden for a couple of days then have the second couple of days in Copenhagen. But why there? I may have previously mentioned parkrun in these blogs ( This free weekly 5 km run/walk/jog is great but can become a bit of an obsession. We are not even close to the levels of obsession some people have though we do choose to wake up at 7am on Saturday mornings – we get up ... read more
Malmo Town Hall
Malmö Ribersborg parkrun start line
National Sweden Day celebrations in Malmo

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 6th 2019

Not a good night’s sleep. The hotel has my pet hate; the flimsy bed/mattress topper combo. Every time the old man turns over, it’s like riding a small tsunami. And don’t get me started on the ripple effects from his farts. And there’s no a/c so we have our own personal Swedish sauna. Today is Swedish National day, which means parkrun on a Thursday. The start is 2 miles away, so first I have to work out how to get there when walking is such a chore. Google maps suggests an electric scooter. I consider it, but can’t work out whether to lead with my good or bad leg. So opt for a good old fashioned bus. I leave in plenty of time in case anything goes wrong, which it does. My card is declined and ... read more
Ribersborg parkrun

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 5th 2019

We’re off to Scandinavia for a long weekend of parkruns. We booked it before I fell over in Poland and smashed my knee. It seemed like a much better idea when I had 2 working legs. But I reckon it’ll just about be manageable with the correct amount of painkillers and alcohol. The cheap tickets out of Stansted at stupid o’clock aren’t so cheap when you add fuel, an airport hotel, car parking and the taxi to the terminal. Security is high. They’ve invested in new scanning equipment (presumably something to do with Donald Trump’s arrival) and they’re determined to get their money’s worth. With my dodgy knee I can’t spread my legs wide enough to stand on the designated foot markings for the body scan, which means I need an old fashioned pat down (she ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 21st 2018

This morning was wet and cold in Stockholm So after another delicious breakfast (got to make myself a waffle!) I was on a mission to find an electronics store that stocks Apple products amongst other things. I haven't been able to connect my Nikon camera to my iPad to download photos and I also wanted to buy a European charger with multi USB ports. It really wasn't pleasant outside but after going around in circles (I call this 'sightseeing') I eventually found a shop where I could purchase the charger and the guy helpfully pointed me in the right direction for an Apple authorised dealer. Note to self: don't be in a Scandinavian country when purchasing items you could have bought at home $$$$. Being quite wet at this stage, I stopped off at the same ... read more
My view from the train!
Delicious dinner in Malmö
Malmö Lilla Torg

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 15th 2018

Bonjour à tous, Excellente journée, très agréable, et diversifiée. J'ai continué ma visite de Copenhague, ce matin, d'une manière assez peu conventionnelle. Avec mon problème de prune hier au soir, j'ai voulu, tenter de négocier, et pour cela j'ai chercher sur le net police Copenhague, J'ai relevé plusieurs adresses de ''commissariat'', et je m'y suis rendu. Les deux premiers je ne les ai jamais trouvé, le troisième, c'était la police criminelle. J'ai fini par demander à une auto patrouille, et ils m'ont répondu, ce que je pensais, c'est le service des parcmètres de la ville, et contact uniquement par téléphone. Là je suis pas capable. Mais mon ami Pierre Fradin me dit de laisser tomber, les français ont d'autres chats à fouettés. Donc avec tout ça et bien j'ai fait un joli tour de ville, des ... read more
Amalienborg Slotsplads
un beau couple Danois
trop mignon

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Lund October 15th 2017

Okej, nu har vi packat och fixat hela dan och har förhoppningsvis läget under kontroll. Trodde packningen skulle bli större, men vi har nog allt vi behöver och så får vi ju plats med souvenirer. Stefan har idag köpt lite prylar till kameran, minneskort, stativ till mobilen så vi båda kan vara med på fotot och tre olika linser för att ta vidvinkelbilder och närbilder. Det blir nog bra det. Vi ger ett stort tack till pappa Bide' som igår upptäckte ett fel i våra resedokument. Mitt namn Cecilia saknades (varför ska man ha sitt tilltalsnamn sist?!) men nu har vi pratat med Norwegian och det ska förhoppningsvis va lugnt när vi pratat med Kilroy imorrn. Kul att så många frågat om att få följa vår blogg och det är alltså här vi kommer att skriva ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Trelleborg October 10th 2017

After Ireland we headed off to Sweden to spend time with the Fitzgeralds.. 3 days with this little family was perfect. We love these guys and its always fun to catch up. Jill and Rob share a birthday so its like they are brother and sister from another mother and country. Jill and John live in quaint Village called Skegrie. Such a perfect spot for raising a young family. Sweden really does know how to do it well. Gracie, Marlie and Lilly are three cuties and a combination of Mum and Dad. Jill and John juggle busy lives to raise these three and do an amazing job. Jill is a great Mama and John a great Papa. We loved that they were happy to share their home and family with us. We got to do some ... read more
Jill and Lilly
Coco and Gracie
Jill and Lilly

Europe » Sweden » Skåne August 17th 2017

I'm lucky to have friends from many places across the globe, and there is one particular friend who had always told me about her Swedish Crayfish parties! At first I thought it was something unique to her and something she did with her friends, until I later realised it is a national event celebrated all over Sweden! Ten years on, I made it to one of these feasts! Landing in Copenhagen, it was very easy to take a train across to Kristianstaad in Sweden, where I was reunited with buddies from my Hong Kong days. A drive further south took us to Maglehelem near the coast, and to Hanna's holiday farm house where she spent many summers growing up. It's brilliant to be able to travel to remote parts of Sweden quite easily from London where ... read more
Feast! Best salmon ever!
In the countryside

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 27th 2017

When you click on the Copenhagen option at the automated kiosk in the Malmö train station, it asks if you'd like to travel by ferry or by bridge, failing to clarify that the bridge option would involve a train, rather than a bus, shuttle, or who knows what else. But I guess this is obvious to anyone who lives nearby; it must have been a big deal when that connector was finished, as you can now travel between the cities in as little as 36 minutes. Commuters and Guns n Roses concert goers were fully taking advantage, making for the most jean jackets and suits I've ever seen in one place. There's nothing much to see in Malmö, but the town center is charming and the city parks are the best I've ever seen. Kungsparken is ... read more
A perfect day
Ducks and bubbling water
Park wetlands

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Höganäs May 2nd 2017

Running hiking trails in Kullaberg Peninsula in Skåne A few years ago we visited an art installation called Nimis in Skåne District in Sweden. We will tell more about Nimis further down because it is an interesting story hiding there. This year over Easter we had the chance to revisit Kullaberg and we now also had time to see more of the nature reserve. We combined the visit in the nature reserve with training so we hope you are OK with seeing photos of us running. Through Kullaberg Nature Reserve there are many hiking trails. The ones we followed were easy to walk and clearly marked. You walk those routes primarily to experience nature. Apart from nature there are a few other things you can do/places you can visit: • Mölle - a seaside resort with ... read more
Emma running down a hill
Emma running down another hill
Emma using a rope to get down a steep hill

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