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May 27th 2008
Published: May 27th 2008
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Day at the Tylösand spa!Day at the Tylösand spa!Day at the Tylösand spa!

Rest and relaxation and then right back to work! Well . . .maybe after a quick trip to the sauna :)
Hello, dear vänner!
Tonight I will read some more Nicke Nyfiken at bedtime and reflect on the past days and my stay with family number five. We've crossed the midway point now nearly, and it's just been so amazing that I can't hardly imagine what else is in store for us! Tonight we were with our host families, and Peter and his parents joined us for a LOVELY dinner of hamburgers on the grill! I was in heaven......and this was even before dessert!

Yesterday we started with a relaxing transition into the swing of things (our midtour break having ended) by going to the spa at Tylösand, the hotel owned by Per Gessle of Roxette. We enjoyed the hot tubs, relaxation pools (indoor & outdoor), steam room, sauna, and swimming pool prior to attending a lunch time meeting with another of Halmstad's five rotary clubs. It was an informal presentation with this club, as they also had a guest musician for a program. We ended the meeting fabulously with accompaniment by a violinist as we sang Vem Kan Segla.

Greeting us as we arrived in Ängelholm at the town hall were the American and Canadian flags flying high! We

Per Gessle's letters of rejection...with his platinum (?) records! What do they know!? (At Tylosand)
speculated as to whether they were flying in our honor and were truly humbled when we found out that they were. Another reminder of how monumental this exchange between nations is! If that weren't enough, our dinner party with the Ängelholm representatives and the incoming GSE team from Sweden commenced with a performance by the local marching band, with the Rotary flag proudly displayed on the back wall. It was a fabulous gathering; the excitement and energy were palpable, and both GSE teams enjoyed a dinner together to recount experiences and share memorable moments between the two...

Today we had a tour of the countryside, the sea, beautiful gardens, and a city tour. Noon time marked presentation number eight (I think). Were becoming very comortable with our presentation and continue to receive positive feedback...

That's about it from me for the evening. Going to go catch up with Nicke (Sweden's version of Curious George) and learn about my colors and shapes!
Thanks for checking in!
Vi ses,

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Greeted by a marching band in Angelholm
GSE 2008 Team picture!GSE 2008 Team picture!
GSE 2008 Team picture!

Both district teams meeting in the same place - this may be the first time!
Trusted tour guidesTrusted tour guides
Trusted tour guides

We were in good hands with our friends, Per and Rita, as they guided us through Ängelholm!
At Hovs HallarAt Hovs Hallar
At Hovs Hallar

On the tour of the countryside

What they DIDN'T show us on our tour! Part of a special tour Peter and I got, this is a replica of a close encounter in the 40s...

27th May 2008

När vi två bli en
Här kommer alla känslorna på en och samma gång... Per Gessle is the author of both of these songs, and both continue to resonate in my mind, whether watching your adventures (from a safe, restraining-order abiding distance), participating in the hijinx of the team now departed, or my own team. (I was blessed with a chance meeting of 2 of my team members this weekend, long enough to convey a sincere and boisterous birthday wish to my esteemed team leader.) The song mentioned in this title is "when two become one", and that commemorates your meeting with your counterparts, although the song itself has a more lusty meaning... The second song describes all emotions coming to the surface all at once - something that GSE continues to inspire in me. So, when you see me smile, and cry, all at once, I bet even transcribed Curious George will understand regardless of shape, or color...

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