Photos from Helsingborg, Skåne, Sweden, Europe

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Here burgers are made with salmon
Glittery Vienna
A taste of Vienna's decorations
A little bite to eat in the market
Lovely flight to Bornholm
After intermission mess
Opera House in Copenhagen
Winter View from the Balcony
A great omen!
Helsingborg Art Museum
Sunset swim in the harbor
Shrimp on toast 2
Video art waiting for the train
Shrimp on toast 1
Take a number
Helsingborg Town Hall
View of Helsingborg from the Castle
Helsingborg Park
Laundry lock system
Happy visitors!
Interior of the Malmö church
Dancing in Malmö
Dancing at the Malmö festival
Malmö Festival
Old and new in Malmö
"Ice" skating in Malmö
Rainy day walk
Park in Helsingborg
Helsingborg Castle
Helsingborg Beach
Fish stew... mmmmm
Helsingborg Boardwalk
Helsingborg church
Impromtu Jazz at Luisiana
Walking to the Louisiana Museum
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