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April 14th 2010
Published: April 20th 2010
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LULEA Day 84

Got on the 6:50am bus to Lulea which will get me there for 9:40am and there is no way I could miss another train. Well guess what?!? My bus was 10minutes late, which caused me to miss the ONLY morning train out of Lulea by 1minute, yay me. But wait folks, no need to worry, I only need to wait 6.5 hours to get on a train back to Stockholm! And we all know how much I LOVEEEEEE Stockholm.

Hold on! WHAT KIND OF TOWN HAS ABSOLUTELY NO TRAINS COMING OR GOING FOR 6.5 HOURS? THAT IS INSANE. AND DID I MENTION THAT THERE ARE NO STAFF AT THE TRAINSTATION ONLY A TICKET MACHINE. Oops sorry about the caps lock. Well the problem is that I can’t use a ticket machine because I have a train pass but I do need to make a reservation because it is a night train and the ticket machine doesn’t allow you to just make reservations you must buy a ticket! I am not fed up in the slightest! I am not annoyed that now I have to use my minutes on my cell phone to call the train company to make a reservation by phone and then walk 15 minutes to a convenience store to pay them to print my reservation ticket for me. Just to find out that they wont take my bank card so I have to walk to the bank machine and take out more money then I need because obviously I can’t ask for just 55KR to come out I must take out a minimum of 100KR. No, why would that be annoying, frustrating, mindnumbingly insane, somebody please kill me I can’t take this small town crap any longer! But really I am fine with all of this. I definitely would not describe my current mental state as, ‘easily willing to step out in front of a moving train’ but wait there are no trains to run me over and end this small town misery. I would have to lay out on the tracks for 6.5hours before the train would show up and by then I am certain some crazy local would have found me and removed me from the tracks.

I just don’t understand what kind of sane person would choose to live in a small town like this. You can’t do anything! You are trapped! Maybe that is how small towns get there population. Silly tourists arrive and can’t get out and it makes them so crazy that they stay FOREVER. Did I mention the crazy lady that I saw walking her dog and wearing devil horns? She most definitely was once a foolish tourist such as myself who got trapped by the lack of transportation out of town. But I refuse to wear devil horns! I am not staying! I will wait the 6.5hours to get the hell out of here, even if it sends me back to Stockholm. At least in Stockholm there are many trains that come and go and I can leave Sweden and never look back again. I formerly request that anyone who know me and reads this NEVER MENTION SWEDEN EVER! Not even any words that resemble or have the word Sweden in it, not even Swedish meatballs, from now on they will be referred to as ‘the meatballs that shall not be named’. Do you think the Canadian consulate would be willing to evacuate me from ‘the country that shall not be named’ immediately? Hmm maybe not. I guess I will have to just wait out the 6.5 hours and avoid purchasing devil horns at all cost. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


24th April 2010

what about Swedish berries...
we'll just call them...."country small town craziness" berries!!! Well, it's too bad that you have to go through all that, but remember your not alone! I have had similar instances on my travels. It just wants to make you scream doesn't it?!?...but then you will seem like the lady wearing the crazy horns!!! There's always tomorrow if you make it out of those God forsaken places.

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