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Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi March 1st 2012

How cool are these pictures? We're so proud of them, they truly reflect what we saw – curtains of green and red light rippling across the sky. At times the lights were so active you just didn't know where to look, you were surrounded by them. And to see red – I've only seen green northern lights before so seeing red in there as well was really exciting. We spent 12 days in the north of Norway and Sweden and the lights turned up practically every night and sometimes lasted for hours – so much more than we expected. And to occupy ourselves during the hours of daylight we met up with our friends Di & Dave (who we met at the other end of the world in Antarctica) and did all sorts of exciting things: ... read more
more lights flickering round us
lighting up the whole sky
another day another show

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi February 21st 2011

Our fairytale white wedding in Swedish Lapland. The morning of our wedding I awoke early in a warm bed, in a cosy chalet. A welcome contrast to the previous night spent in the “ice fishing” ice room in the ice hotel. I gave a kiss to my husband “to be” who immediately said, “happy wedding day” with his eyes still closed. He does make me smile. We had to go into Kiruna to sort the papers to get married. I wondered what else there was to do. We had already spent an hour before the registrar in London, declared we are not brother and sister (despite the assumptions of a few people we have met on our travels) and had the notice of marriage posted in the registry. After a further half an hour waiting in ... read more
I love this picture
Sharing a kiss
Nikki walking down the aisle

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi February 21st 2011

On the morning of the wedding I was woke up with a kiss from Nikki, Nikki and I are extremely competitive, to the extent we even make wishing each other happy anniversary a competition, I knew that as soon as I opened my eyes she was going to say something along the lines of “Today’s our wedding day” so I had to beat her to it. After the kiss and before I opened my eyes I said “Happy wedding day” I heard Nikki laugh at which point I opened my eyes and whispered “I said it first” followed by Nikki saying quite loudly “No that’s cheating”. Ah what a great way to start the day lol. We had to meet at the reception at 9am to go in to Kiruna to register our wedding and sort ... read more
I love this picture
Me saying my vowels
Us in our room

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi February 19th 2011

Nikki and I had our first date on Monday 21st February 2005 & on that day in London it was snowing, when deciding when and where to get married it seemed a simple decision to me, Monday 21st February 2011 in the snow.....but not in London, at The IceHotel! I am the organised one of the two of us, so usually I carry everything and look after everything when we travel however seeing as we could only take one item of hand luggage on the plane with us I took my suit and Nikki took her dress, which means camera, passports etc had to be carried in a folder which I had to put in my pocket. When we arrived at Heathrow and checked in we went for breakfast and Nikki started to look through all ... read more
Sunset over the Ice Hotel
The fire inside the Sami hut
Detail in the ice

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi December 12th 2007

When I was a little girl every Christmas Eve my Mum would read me ‘The Night Before Christmas’. It was a lovely tale about Santa Claus - accompanied by brightly colored pictures depicting his wooden house in Lappland with a snowy roof and candles glowing at the window. Santa would be beavering away in his cozy cabin to make lots of presents for every child in the world - obviously with the assistance of his elves (we all know that Santa couldn’t manage this task on his own - well unless he bulldozed the log cabin and opened up a multi-line production factory in Luton). Anyway, back to the point I was making….which is that I’ve found where Santa lives and it’s the village of Jukkasjarvi in Northern Sweden - well it looks very like “The ... read more
Ice Enterprise

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi January 4th 2007

Leanne thought we were going to London to enjoy a stage show, 24 hours later she was engaged and in the sureal setting of the Ice Hotel 200km inside the arctic circle. A holiday to beat all holidays, the most amazing place we have ever been to. At it coldest the temparature was a chilling -28F. DAY 1 We woke up at 5:30 on Monday morning, we packed our bags and headed for central London to visit the capital ;-). Leanne was supirsed to see me pulling into Heathrow airport and started asking questions. We boarded a plan to Stockholm and enjoyed the flight. At Stockholm airport the suprise was out of the bag and Leanne started worrying about The Ice Hotel lol. We enjoyed a pint in the bar before boarding a plane to Kiruna. ... read more
Ronnie reindeer
Frozen river Tourne

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi December 24th 2006

We got up pretty early on the 24th and grabbed some breakfast. Since we were still pretty tired from the epic journey out, we arranged for a late check out and went back to nap! Once we had left the warm accomodations, we went to the "luggage hut" and put all our belongings into a locker, received the oh-so-fashionable snowsuits you see in the pictures below, and immediately headed into the icehotel. It was astounding. The photos don't entirely capture the experience, but hopefully they will give something of an impression of what it was like. In addition, at the top of the page are a number of video clips that were filmed as we hung out in the Absolut Icebar for 4 1/2 hours before we went to sleep on our Ice bed... It was ... read more
Early sunrise
Sunrise over Kat

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi April 14th 2006

Puppies at one of the kennel's supplying the ice hotel.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi April 5th 2006

Ice Hotel The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi is a definitely Swedish experience. Located on the Torne River in Swedish Lapland, this is a great place to visit. So I did. We got up early and got on the bus. It wasn't such a long ride. On the way, we had to stop so the reindeer could cross the road. And then I saw some moose! Yay moose! When we arrived in town, we stopped at the old church, which was great. They had several wooden murals that they redid recently when they refurbished the old building. Then, we walked to the Ice Hotel. For those of you who are not familiar with this architectural marvel, let me just give a quick overview. Each year, these people harvest ice from the River and make it into snice ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Jukkasjärvi March 29th 2006

Some pictures of the church in jukkasjarvi, as well as the centre of kiruna town with the townhall, the famous church and some pictures of me in action around kaupinnen.... read more
the jukkas church
the jukkas church
the jukkas church

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