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Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna November 25th 2022

My sisters, their families and I took the 15 hour overnight train to the far north of Sweden: Kiruna, 150 km north of the arctic circle. I was actually quite excited for the train ride (I love trains), but a couple of the adults were a bit nervous (I won't say who). We had booked two cabins, each slept 6 people. The 6 kids all enjoyed some cousin time in their own cabin, while the adults played some bean board game two cabins down. We had asked the middle cabin if they wanted to switch, but they were an incomplete group of strangers. The wine came out and we stated to enjoy our time, but the two families were divided come bed time. I made up most of the beds, climbing to the top bunk and ... read more
Cabin at night
Cross-country skiing

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna July 28th 2018

Just tagged my second high point in Scandinavia (first in Iceland way back in 2011), Kebnekaise in Sweden, the name derived from the native Sami Giebmegáisi, i.e., "Cauldron Crest." I don't know about any cauldron on the summit but the weather on the trek was boiling as Sweden is in the midst of its hottest summer in 250 years. Aside from the mountain, I spent 4 days in Stockholm alternating between sightseeing and gorging myself senseless at all you can eat Chinese food and schwanky hotel breakfast buffets partly as a remedy to overcome the worst jet lag I've ever experienced and partly as a matter of economics as going out is expensive here. $US ≈ 8.8 Swedish Kroner (SEK) KebnekaiseObjective numero uno during one month in Scandinavia. The mountain is only 6,886' ASL but the ... read more
Looking Towards Norway
Icy Summit Block
The Long Drop Before the Summit

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna July 18th 2016

17th July Abisko NP Yesterday we arrived in Sweden, in pouring rain. It was a pretty drive along the last part of the Lofoten Islands, fjords, lakes and mountains. The weather here was so bad we opted for a cabin, and very nice it is too. This is a big ski resort and somewhere to see the Northern Lights. We watched the increasingly heavy rain from the cabin window feeling very comfortable. The forecast said that the rain would be gone by morning and it was. We could finally see the landscape rather than a blanket of white and ventured out to enjoyed a couple of long walks in this stunning environment. A huge lake below us, snow dappled mountains around and lots of small lakes, alpine flowers and bogs. Started with a walk up to ... read more
The big lake from the mountains in Abisko

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna November 5th 2015

Space exploration, iron mining and aurora watching A few weeks ago I, Ake that is, had the chance to go on a business trip to the town Kiruna in northern Sweden. The main purpose was to visit a few research centres. But I also managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing as a bonus. Actually visiting those research centres was not only very educating and informative but also very fun. So the entire visit in Kiruna was good and enjoyable. Kiruna has around 20,000 inhabitants and is situated in the far north of Sweden. Kiruna once held an unexpected record. For a while it was considered to be the largest town in the world, largest when it comes to the area it covered. Most of that area was of course wilderness. The city limits were ... read more
Frozen grass
Sunset over a lake
The church

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna December 23rd 2012

It was the day from hell. Hell, it was the week from hell. The week before Christmas, and I’m pulling twelve hour days trying to get my big work project delivered on time. There was a shitload of things to do on my last day of work before my Christmas break but I had rather annoyingly and inconveniently been called to the Slough office for a meeting I couldn’t really miss. That’s OK – I’ll go all the way out there in the morning and then go back into London in the afternoon, pick up my luggage from home, pop into the office to do work shit I need to do, before hot-stepping it to Stansted Airport. The meeting runs two hours overtime; and then the ridiculously persistent rain we’d been having all month delays my ... read more
Ice Hotel Reception
The Big One
Downtown Kiruna

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna March 1st 2012

I just experienced one of the best trips of my life. One week in Norwegian and Swedish Lapland with a bunch of lifelong friends. You can’t ask for any more than that. Day 1 Bianca, Kiri, Corrie, Autumn, Aaron and I looking lovely, fresh and excited met at Lund Station around midday to begin the journey. Autumn had Burger King and Aaron had Subway which made me jealous as I had packed banana sandwiches. We eventually boarded the first train of the trip to Stockholm and it was an absolutely beautiful ride. There turned out to be several of these transfers, but we didn’t really care because we were so excited and I heard the most hilarious story in the world: Once Bianca’s friend was dog sitting for her cousin. The dog was very ... read more
The Middle of Nowhere
The dark stew has whale in it!
Aurora Borealis

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna July 3rd 2011

Abisko Nationalpark, 03.07.2011. Der Abisko Nationalpark liegt im Grenzgebiet von Schweden und Norwegen etwa 200 km nördlich des Polarkreises. Er erstreckt sich über eine Fläche von 77 Quadratkilometer. Obwohl rund 90 km von Kiruna entfernt gehört er noch zur Gemeinde Kiruna. Im Nationalpark legten wir einen Zwischenstopp ein und machten eine ca. 3stündige Wanderung durch den Park. Der Abiskojåkka fliesst durch den Park und bildet hinunter zum Torneträsk eine mächtige Felsenschlucht. Grosse Teile des Parks sind über Stege erschlossen. Diese sollte man wegen der empfindlichen Vegetation auf dem Permafrostboden nicht verlassen. ... read more
Leere Strassen, herrlich
Wegweiser im Park
Der Canyon

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna June 11th 2011

So here we are again, After we left Abisko national park we kept on driving as close to Lulea as possible. On our way down South we stopped in Kiruna about 100km from Abisko national park, an industrial town known for its iron ore. It has a very recognizable church completly built out of wood. We had a look in town and the senior year of secondary school were celebrating their graduation in a very peculiar way. Every class got his own truck with banners, they were drinking alcohol, shouting stuff, very amusing. We bought some postcards and returned to our car. Just outside Kiruna we found a sign towards the ice hotel that is built there every winter. We lost the sign but we found a very quiet place to sit and have some lunch ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna February 2nd 2011

This past weekend I went for a trip up north to a town called Kiruna which lies about 150Km inland from the Arctic Circle. It was an amazing trip to say the least and I'm totally glad I decided go. My friend Brian had called me earlier in the week letting me know a bunch of his friends/other exchange students were planning a trip and to book a train ticket if I was interested. It took me about a day to decide and I figured why not, I had been planning to go up there anyways at some point so I might as well do it while its primetime to go. The trip began on Thursday (January 27th) when I woke up and realized I had nothing packed, no cash, no groceries, and I only had ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten County » Kiruna January 4th 2011

Continuing on from the previous blog. Every evening we took a walk to the north side of Kiruna in the hope of seeing the Northern lights and one night we got to see this clearly and we couldn’t believe our eyes. They were really strong green and really close to us, and also this time we could see red dancing along with the green. We headed right into the forest so that the city lights weren’t disturbing to take pictures. We think that we were really lucky to see this phenomena with own eyes – it was cold, clear night with many stars. Also this was the time when we got to see true husky’s, a breeder was taking four for a walk where we were sitting in the snow and got to learn quite a ... read more

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