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Europe » Sweden » Jämtland » Åre August 6th 2020

Viking ships (that don't float), waterfall (without water), winter ski resort (in summer), a gun (you can't shoot with) That this blog entry turned out to be filled with contradictions was completely unintentional. Further down we will explain each one of them and, if you care to read it to the end, we hope you'll find it interesting. Åre We'll begin with the winter ski resort. It is called Åre, it is in Jämtland District and is very much a typical ski resort. Tourists have come to Åre for skiing and for enjoying the nature and the fresh air for 140 years or so. Supposedly it is a great place to visit if you are into alpine skiing and other winter sports. We wouldn't know because, as you know, we went there in summer. Also, winter ... read more
The café at Åreskutan
Reindeer chasing Emma

Europe » Sweden » Jämtland » Åre July 16th 2018

Breakfast didn't start till eight, so even though I had a 23 km day, and the temperature was expected to be in the high 20s, I wasn't going to get away early. Even when I was ready, there was another delay getting the bill paid. Lisa, the manager, already had several of her holiday residents sorting out their day'svactivities with her. So it wasn't until about 9:15 that I was on the road. After a short stretch of the main road, the St Olavsleden route takes the Karl Johansvägan. While earlier roads might has been used, this road was built in the 1830s to improve the trading route that had already existed for centuries. On the Swedish side, the gradients aren't too bad. On the Norway side it's quite a different storey. In three or four ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jämtland » Åre July 15th 2018

My best efforts to get away a little early were foiled. I had hoped to avoid as much traffic as I could by departing before 8:00 am even though this leg was only about 2.5 hours of walking. Suffice to say I did a complete unpack and repack of my backpack before departing. There were magnificent views across the Medstugusjön to the mountains on the border. My guidebook suggests the taller peak is in Norway, and without any way of confirming this on a map, I accepted that. Later I found a good topographic map in the hallway where I stayed, and confirmed that all the mountains on the horizon were in Norway. It was interesting to see that there were still a fair number of lakeside cottages. I'm not sure that i was expecting that. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jämtland » Åre January 4th 2009

Imagine a small Swedish village, complete with gorgeous cabins spreading up the hillside, snow-covered trees in every direction, a huge mountain backdrop on one side, an enormous frozen lake on the other. This is Åre. It was an absolute joy to return here again. Stepping off the train, the crisp, mountain air instantly made every minute of the six hour journey worth it. One year on since our last visit, Adam and I were here again with Luke and Maria, now with little Liam in tow! But even better, this year Kyrie, Robert and Sheryle were all here too for the last leg of family time before the Odell family once again bid each other farewell and headed off to different corners of the globe. Knowing this week would be the last time we'd have all ... read more
Robert and Sheryle
Views over the lake
Skiing days

Europe » Sweden » Jämtland » Åre January 1st 2008

Ah, following on from Christmas in Sweden, was a quick trip to the family-friendly ski-field of Åre, in the Swedish mountains near the Sweden-Norwegian border. Åre is apparently Sweden's number one ski resort, consisting of four separate ski areas and cute little villages containing everything from beauticians to coffee houses to trinket stores. The scenery is breathtaking, particularly from the very top of the largest mountain which overlooks the whole area. Framed by low sweeping mountains covered with pine forests, all overlooking a majestic, deep and frozen lake, it really is quite spectacular. Reason enough to go on its own, even without the skiing and the opportunity to spend a little more quality time with Luke, Maria and the child-to-be. At 8 months, Maria really was doing marvelously well to be moving about as freely and ... read more
Ready and rearing to go!
Keen to strap on the board
Breathing in the amazingly crisp mountain air

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