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Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad April 22nd 2015

Arrived on the ferry from Denmark on a sunny afternoon in Helsingborg Sweden. Quick tea and cake and onto to stay with Yennie, her husband Fredrick and their two bags of trouble Derrik and Adele! Its now Friday and her brother Jonas is on the way after last nights final win by Vaxjo in the Ice Hockey. This afternoon/tonight is going to be a messy night out with the fellas...... read more
(A) Ferry to Helsingor, Sweden (2)
(A) Ferry to Helsingor, Sweden (3)
(A) Ferry to Helsingor, Sweden (4)

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad October 3rd 2011

I've packed my bag for yet another adventure. This time I will revisit USA. Although I've been already three times this will be my first to Hawaii. This will also be my first adventure with read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad September 22nd 2011

Less than two days away from two months down in beautiful Italy! Tomorrow i travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to stay there for a day and then to travel to Rome on Saturday. Today me and Ida entertained my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, my sister and her daughter, to a going away party for me. Nothing special, just some bacon wrapped chicken with some Panacotta for dessert. Yummy! Well, enough blogging for today, a more detailed post about my feelings about the trip will come up tomorow from Copenhagen! Sleep Tight, Forza Italia!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad June 24th 2011

Having arrived in Sweden for some of the longest days of the year, it has barely gotten dark during the nights of the past two weeks. The sun dips below the horizon a little bit after 10 PM and has been rising around 4:15 AM or so. On the clear nights, the sky retains a dusk-like glow straight through until dawn. The summer is short and sweet here on the 56th parallel north. I'm sure those with the same northerly point of view in Russia, Canada and Alaska would say the same. For perspective, the 56th parallel south resides between South America and Antarctica, and intersects no land on its path around the globe. So when you're in a place this far north, and yet, you're actually in the southern part of that country, it's no ... read more
Here they are singing about and dancing like frogs.
Midsummer Crown
Inspired by my friend Rebekah who takes such beautiful photos of flower closeups, this blog contains many flower photos of some of the Swedish flowers that are growing everywhere you look this time of year.

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad August 25th 2010

Bij het ontwaken is het buiten nog niets veranderd. Het blijft onguur herfstweer. In de ochtend ontmoet ik de eigenaar dus stiekem wegglippen zit er niet in. Hij vertelt dat dit weer elke zomer wel eens voorvalt. Na het ontbijt geef ik me over aan de elementen. Het eerste stukje heb ik wind mee, wat gaat dit vlot. Er waait ook al iets tegen men hoofd, zolang het geen halve boom is het goed. Daarna draait de weg en krijg ik zijwind. Ik moet moeite doen om rechts te blijven rijden. Gelukkig is het niet zo erg als de Noordkaap. Eigenlijk is het even erg maar anders. Men gemiddelde snelheid ligt ook al iets hoger dan gisteren. Ik kom eerst door Falkenberg waar ik even men mail wil checken. Van de toeristische dienst ga ik naar ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad August 12th 2010

For those of you unaware, I am currently in Sweden visiting my girlfriend Adina's home for the very first time. Over the next six weeks I will explore some nearby European areas, based from Adina's hometown city of Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden. It has been one week now since the 30 hour trip across 12 time zones and landing in Copenhagen. I've had the worst jet lag experience of my life (three days of unbearable tiredness during the day combined with frustrating sleepless nights), and I am finally settled in Halmstad, with my bearings to the city center and nearby beaches. Adina's home is in a suburb of Halmstad called Gullbrandstorp (aproximately 15 minutes drive from the city center). The neighborhoods feel not-so-surprisingly European with narrow roads and roundabouts, and every home on ... read more
Me at Hovs Hallar
Crayfish Party!!!
After Beach at Tylösand, Halmstad

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad April 16th 2010

20th June ‘09: Remember Swedish Anna and Carl? Oh, never mind. All you need to know is that they have a summerhouse on the west coast of Sweden. They are in it, and I am passing. Today's events, then, take place at a delightful wooden getaway near Halmstad, meaning “straw town”. Like most of southern Sweden, Carl tells me, it used to be Danish. It is midsummer weekend, a big holiday up here, and people are drinking - heavily. Carl is breathalysed by the police at an impromptu roadblock. It’s an inconvenience, but nothing for an upstanding Swede like him to worry about; not a thimbleful has passed his lips yet. But he has forgotten his driving licence. Oh, tut tut, here we go. Anna is just preparing to bribe the officer with a slice of ... read more
Carl BBQing at the summer house
Poor croquet technique
A bracing dip..

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad January 6th 2009

The date is moving closer, backpacks are retrieved, money is being changed. Happy faces...soon we will be swapping -12 degrees for +30! Zoë has some separation issues with her dad who is going to Brazil tomorrow, but that will pass. Zeb will bubblewrap his skimboard today and I need to send this link to even more people. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Halmstad September 3rd 2008

We've been here for one month now, and weekly church is about my only social interaction. Sure, I see the teacher at school, I wave at the neighbors, I see the ladies at the grocery store, but church is the only outing I choose to take each week. So we go. As I said in an earlier blog, not a lot of people attend church here. Ours is a small church that serves a large community of people and there has been room at each service I've attended. There has also been a different priest (as they are referred to here, not pastor) preaching each week. Roland is the newest pastor, and we've gotten to know him through a couple of meetings. It could be the highest priest in all of Sweden preaching and we wouldn't ... read more

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