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Europe » Sweden » Gotland June 29th 2017

25th June - 29th June It's been a relatively busy and WiFi free few days but most of what we have seen and done is Basketball and Island Games related, so I have condensed my time in Gotland to a single post. As Gotland is quite flat and the Basketball venues, the ICA Maxi Arena - a very modern sports centre and the A7 Hall - a school gym, were a fair walk from my AirB&B place, I rented a bike for the week to get around. I was also a little further than expected from the NOVI Resort, where Team Jersey are staying, which was a little disappointing. Both Men and Women's teams are guaranteed 4 games, the Ladies started with a game on Sunday, just about, after a nightmare scenario where the NOVI Resort ... read more
Ruins of St. Clemens
Coffee and kanel knut (cinnamon knot)
Dan in an archway of the city walls

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 4th 2016

Geo: 57.6407, 18.2961The ship moored off Gotland ,a small Swedish island which Egburg called home. We were only there for the morning so we did not expect to see much. However it was a very bustling place mainly because a big conference was going on and the whole front was full of tents with people giving lectures and speeches. Apparently it was all political and happens in the first week of July every year. I do not think this would happen in the UK. The ship was moored just outside the main marina of the town Visby and so we were tendered across to the mainland. The sea was quite choppy so the crew had to help every person onto the lifeboat as it went up and down along side the ship. As you can imagine ... read more
main square
gargoyle on church

Europe » Sweden » Gotland September 26th 2015

The alarm was set for 02.50am a time usually dedicated to returning party goers it certainly was an early start. We arrived one by one all a little bleery eyed at Newcastle airport and by 4.30am the group were complete and ready to start our journey. There is always that moment when the suitcase hits the scales that you wonder if the kitchen sink was the only thing you left behind but we all checked our bags in under the limit. There were rumours the 6am flight was booked by our colleagues because it was the cheaper option but we know the real reason was to maximize our first day and give us plenty of time to settle in. We arrived at schiphol airport in what seemed to be a matter of minutes with some breathtaking ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Gotland August 8th 2014

After leaving Stockholm we headed down the east coast of Sweden with a goal of going to the island of Gotland. It is located 56 miles from the Swedish coastline and is only 81 miles from Latvia. This strategic location made the island a chess piece in the military and economic history of the Baltic. The almost constant warfare between the Scandinavian countries and the northern European countries explains the walled city of Visby which was built in the 12thcentury. Sweden has had a military presence on the island for at least 200 years. Throughout its history it has been occupied by several other countries including Finland, Denmark and the Teutonic Knights of Prussia. We had heard that the city of Visby on the island of Gotland was well worth visiting as it is one of ... read more
On Our Way Down the Coast of Sweden
A Beautiful Spot to Anchor
A Beautiful Day for Swimming

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby June 22nd 2013

Geo: 57.6407, 18.2961This time it didn't come about by poor hygiene, or rats, or some mysterious curse. It came from an Australian traveler, shuttled by a small life boat from a cruise ship onto the unsuspecting shores of Visby. I am the plague. Such is how I've felt lately. Ever since Copenhagen, Ive had a horror flu like infection. A blocked, then runny nose, coughing up horrible rainbows of gunk, spontaneous vomiting, clouded thoughts and dazed states, zero energy. I should have been quarantined, shut away from others, possibly thrown overboard. I even tried to seek assistance at the medical centre. However the price of a remote chance at salvation to see the doctor came in at $170US for a short appointment. Not a price I was willing to pay. So the ship medical assistant handed ... read more
City Gate
Silent Streets
Nat City Walls

Europe » Sweden » Gotland August 30th 2011

In medival times Visby on the island of Gotland was a major power. A good portion of the walls and towers as seen in the accompanying pictues continue to stand. Mare and I were up early and took the shuttle to town before our tour was to begin. Normally mu=ysense of direction is excellent which can lead to some tense moments when we finally realise that we are lost. Needless to say we saw a lot of Visby that was not on our guided tour.... read more
Inside Visby's Walls.

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 24th 2010

We were really looking forward to our visit to Visby, Sweden - on the island of Gotland. But unfortunately, the day dawned pretty horrendous…. We had booked horse riding out in the Gotland countryside but as the hours passed we realised this was no longer going to be do-able. The rain was coming down and the winds were pretty rough - so rough that we were supposed to tender in from the ship to the port but it was a slow process - the waves were pretty huge and the tender boats were struggling to get anyone ashore. Arriving about two hours later than expected on to the shore, we battled the weather to find the guy we’d booked to take us horse riding, we’d found his farm on the internet prior to our trip. We ... read more
Lots of friends for Sheepy!
Colourful streets of Visby
Exploring the ruins of Visby

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 18th 2010

July 18, 2010 Arrived Visby Sweden this am took the Tender into the village. Walked around cheked out the old part and the wall etc. Robyn and Leni popped in to a couple of shops. And we returned to the ship for lunch and now waiting for the wash to finish so it in go into the dryer. Tonight we go into the second specialty restaurant looking forward to that. This one is Italian themed Toscana Room ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Gotland June 29th 2010

Geo: 56.6079, 19.1602We lost an hour last night and we were at sea today so we didn't get up until 9am. We got ready and left the stateroom around 10 so that Sean, our Stateroom Host, could clean the room. Nikki and I had Brunch at Palo at 10:30 and the girls went to get some breakfast. On the way we stopped by Shutters to check out our photos. Brunch was delicious as always. We left STUFFED even though we tried not to eat too much. While we were at Brunch, the girls went to a scrapbooking activity. We checked in with the girls and then decided to go up to the Quite Cove Pool and put names on our photos so that we could remember what they were called. You know, we are getting older ... read more
Beautiful Morning
Dr. Facilier and Regan

Europe » Sweden » Gotland April 22nd 2010

Day 32 and I boarded the last plane from Scotland to Sweden before the ash cloud from Eyjafjallajokull caused havic on Europe. I don't really know if it was the last plane, but it certainly must have been close. It was uneventful flight, no dodging of fiery rocks as they blasted from the volcano, just arriving again an hour plus from my destination compliments of Ryan Air. They advertise their flights to major cities, but usuallly forget to mention that you need to bus halfway across the country to get to that particular city. It was however a good opportunity to go moose hunting (from the bus window). I was disappointed with the lack of mooses, but I did see 3 or 4 badgers sleepin on the side of the road. Similar to English badgers they ... read more
Chillin' on a Swedish beach
more Swedish beach
Stockholm night sky

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