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August 2nd 2008
Published: August 15th 2008
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This is day 3 in Sweden. Everything is so different from the U.S. from the food to the toilets and showers to the way people look around a room. It is very interesting😊 I came in on Thursday afternoon just in time for a special swedish dinner, spaghetti with a specially prepared sauce, and water with rhubarb floating in it, and no ice. I believe the fruit has no other purpose then to make it less bland tasting. I got to call my mom and tell her I am here safely, we then connected my computer and headed off to bed for I had not slept in over 48 hours. The next morning I enjoyed a Swedish breakfast of wheat bread with a choice of liver paste, salami or cheese. I chose a little of Salami and swiss cheese, I was not quite brave enough to try the liver paste yet. Then my host sister, Lotta took me to town and to lunch. It is a neat town, Lidkoping pronounced, Lidchipping. I was not able to shop very much but I was able to get a cellphone to call my new friends here in Sweden. Then home and rest some more, the jetlag is still weighing on me. I dont miss my parents yet, but I do of course miss my boyfriend Rudy. I miss him more than I thought I would but I know that it will be ok and it wont be long until I see him again 😊 Today we drove to a small town where my host parents have there summer home, in Grebbestad bewteen Gothenburg and Copenhagen. It is right off the coast of the Baltimore sea, so we went down to the sea and my host dad took a swim, but I only stuck my feet in the water, it was very cold. The scenery is BEAUTIFUL. It is very hilly and green EVERYWHERE. It has been very sunny for the past few days and it just finished raining for the first time since I have been here. Not a very heavy rainfall but it wet the ground and made the air smell wonderful 😊 I believe that is all for now we are going to be sitting down to dinner in just a few minutes. Goodnight for now😊


15th August 2008

Rachel, It sounds like you will be learning every second. Get some rest and try the liver pate. Huggggs hun LR

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