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Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 4th 2016

Geo: 57.6407, 18.2961The ship moored off Gotland ,a small Swedish island which Egburg called home. We were only there for the morning so we did not expect to see much. However it was a very bustling place mainly because a big conference was going on and the whole front was full of tents with people giving lectures and speeches. Apparently it was all political and happens in the first week of July every year. I do not think this would happen in the UK. The ship was moored just outside the main marina of the town Visby and so we were tendered across to the mainland. The sea was quite choppy so the crew had to help every person onto the lifeboat as it went up and down along side the ship. As you can imagine ... read more
main square
gargoyle on church

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby June 22nd 2013

Geo: 57.6407, 18.2961This time it didn't come about by poor hygiene, or rats, or some mysterious curse. It came from an Australian traveler, shuttled by a small life boat from a cruise ship onto the unsuspecting shores of Visby. I am the plague. Such is how I've felt lately. Ever since Copenhagen, Ive had a horror flu like infection. A blocked, then runny nose, coughing up horrible rainbows of gunk, spontaneous vomiting, clouded thoughts and dazed states, zero energy. I should have been quarantined, shut away from others, possibly thrown overboard. I even tried to seek assistance at the medical centre. However the price of a remote chance at salvation to see the doctor came in at $170US for a short appointment. Not a price I was willing to pay. So the ship medical assistant handed ... read more
City Gate
Silent Streets
Nat City Walls

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 24th 2010

We were really looking forward to our visit to Visby, Sweden - on the island of Gotland. But unfortunately, the day dawned pretty horrendous…. We had booked horse riding out in the Gotland countryside but as the hours passed we realised this was no longer going to be do-able. The rain was coming down and the winds were pretty rough - so rough that we were supposed to tender in from the ship to the port but it was a slow process - the waves were pretty huge and the tender boats were struggling to get anyone ashore. Arriving about two hours later than expected on to the shore, we battled the weather to find the guy we’d booked to take us horse riding, we’d found his farm on the internet prior to our trip. We ... read more
Lots of friends for Sheepy!
Colourful streets of Visby
Exploring the ruins of Visby

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 18th 2010

July 18, 2010 Arrived Visby Sweden this am took the Tender into the village. Walked around cheked out the old part and the wall etc. Robyn and Leni popped in to a couple of shops. And we returned to the ship for lunch and now waiting for the wash to finish so it in go into the dryer. Tonight we go into the second specialty restaurant looking forward to that. This one is Italian themed Toscana Room ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby August 6th 2009

We are on a lovely island called Gotland, it is situated off the coast of Sweden. We have been living in a town called Visby which most of it is surrounded by an ancient stone wall and within it it has some building ruins. it is beautiful and we have had some wonderful weather. we arrived here on Saturday 1st august at 3am in the morning. we were very tired after our big bike trip from Stockholm to Nynäshamn where we boarded the ferry to here. we slept through the whole 3 to 4 hour journey. When we arrived we found out that there was going to be a huge Medieval Festival week happening in the town starting on Sunday. We got soooo excited. We found a nice little forest to ourselves with a nice flat ... read more
the island on the island
the island on the island
the island on the island

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby May 20th 2009

Geo: 57.6407, 18.2961Next stop on leaving Stockholm was Visby. This walled city only has a population of about 23,000 and is situated on the west coast of the island of Gotland that lies off the east coast of Sweden.Visby is not what you'd call on the 'tourist trail'. The ferry from Nynäshamn takes about 3 hours so Visby is not somewhere you'd normally go for a day trip!The MSC Opera had only paid for ½ a day mooring in Visby. The ship dropped anchor at 8:00am and was due to set sail again at 1:30pm. The fact that we were only in port for a few hours coupled with the fact that there were only 2 shore excursions (and one of them was bike hire!!) should have sent a message to my brain that are limited ... read more
The (by now) world famous Visby mini train
The well preserved medieval walls of Visby
One of the many church towers in Visby

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 5th 2008

So after leaving the Swedish mainland behind (Saturday 28th June) and catching a massive ferry across from Oskarshamn to the town of Visby on the island of Gotland (and sampling a few of the local beers on the way) I was re-united with Nina - another of the Swedish girls from P.J.O'Brien's in Cairns, who in fact I was so impressed with that I hired for the Courthouse Hotel as well. And somehow I had managed to coincide my arrival with her one and only night off for the week, which could only mean one thing - a big night out! So off we went around to a friend of hers named Sofia's house (whose parents just happened to be away for the weekend) to kick off the festivities, before heading to a bar called Munken ... read more
PJ's reunion
Medieval church
Lakeside in Slite

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 12th 2007

Untitled Hey, sorry it's taken a while, but class has picked up a little and we have a 10 page paper due Friday, so finding time to blog has been tricky. As promised, more about Visby and Gotland ... I have over 100 pictures from this outing - I'm not posting all of them, but I have posted about 50, so you might have to hit next at the bottom to fully enjoy the pictoral splendor. As I've said before, Visby is absolutely beautiful. It is one of the oldest cities in Sweden because of its strategic location along several trading routes. To get there, we took a bus, 2 trains, and a ferry. We were on the island for a total of 5 days, staying in a youth hostel about a mile outside of the ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby July 5th 2007

Hey all! I just wanted to update quickly to let everyone know that I am in Visby on the island of Gotland. We don't have internet access here except for in internet cafes. The city and the island are breathakingly beautiful and I've been taking pictures like a mad woman. I had no idea that there were actually places that look like this ... it is so vibrant and looks like something out of a story book. I promise to post more once I have regular internet access again. Cheers!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby August 8th 2006

Well, I arrived in Sweden in the morning after a transfer in Amsterdam. Didn't talk to a single security officer, no customs officers and no baggae check, just grabbed my bag and walked out of the airport. I grabbed a train to Stockholm, hopped on a bus to the ferries, then floated my way to Gotland Island. Peter, my buddy I met in Perth Australia, had arranged everything I needed to do which made it very easy to find my way here. Upon arrival in Visby, Peter picked me up and we jumped in a limo back to his place. Gotland is awesome! Visby, the city on Gotland, is very medieval and is surrounded by a massive stone wall built hundreds of years ago. The shops and houses are all built to keep the medieval look, ... read more
Blue Steel
Visby Town

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